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RamaayaN by Valmiki 15 Ravan could not rape Sita

 RamaayaN by Valmiki 15

MadanMohan Tarun

Ravan could not rape Sita

Nears and dears and  ministers offered their suggestions to Ravan  according to their own  vision and understanding.
 Charming Mandodari, wife of Ravan, suggested him again and again to send back Sita to Ram  to save Lanka from further disaster ,but he disapproved it , for, he had already covered a long distance and it was not possible for him to return back from there.
Vibhishan warned Ravan against his rule of sin and evil ,frankly. He was the first to revolt against Ravanness and join Ram when he found it impossible to change Ravan to follow the path of virtue.
After the Kumbhakarn was awaken from his half sleep and he came to know about his unwise deed, he criticized his brother and told him that Ram is not an ordinary warrior. It is not possible to defeat him in any battle. Ravan was annoyed by this analysis. However, finding it impossible now to stop the battle between the two, Kumbhakarn agreed to do his best in his favor.
Mahaapaarshwa applied monstrous skill to guide Ravan. He encouraged him to apply physical force on Sita and rape her as a cock. He said, someone who goes into a jungle full of honey and prey worthy animals and does not enjoy them cannot be praised. He has abducted Sita not to preserve her intact in Lanka. He has abducted her to enjoy her beauty and bed with her. If she does not agree to cooperate him, she should be enjoyed forcefully. If she is raped once, she will lose her chastity forever and lose her confidence resulting in her surrender to him forever. Ram will not accept such Sita and he will return back without a battle.
Ravan expressed his inability to do so. He disclosed a fact before Mahaparshwa –‘once a most attractive celestial Nymph, Punjikasthala was going to meet Lord Brahma. When I saw her I could not stop myself. She prayed me again and again to spare her before she comes back from the lord but I stripped her garments and raped her. When she reached to Lord Brahma, he was shocked to know everything from her. He announced curse on me immediately that if ever I tried to attempt sex on any woman without her willingness, my head will split into   hundreds of pieces.’ Thus I am waiting for her surrender to me willingly.’
He said further ‘I will kill Ram easily in the battle. He is roaming from jungle to jungle with his younger brother Laxman without sufficient food , water  and rest. Both of them must have become so weak that killing of them will never be a problem. Abduction of his wife must  have made him morally down and more vulnerable. If Ram is killed, Sita will become mine forever.’

( Inspired by RamaayaN)

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