Sunday, September 22, 2013

These Baabaas : MadanMohan Tarun

These Baabaas

MadanMohan Tarun

There are many baabaas who are running their huge business of spiritualism and earning in millions by befooling people.

Many of them were found involved in criminal offences and they were arrested time to time.

Acharya kripalu maharaj was jailed for abducting and raping girls.

Chandraswami was in close contact with terrorists.

Sankracharya Jayendra swami of  kanchi  kamkotipeeth was arrested in a murder case.

Swami  Raghuvansh puri  tried to rape a girl on gurupurnima and was arrested.

Asaram is the latest case among them who started his life by selling tea but found selling liquor more beneficial and shifted to that later he found preaching more money fetching business and he shifted to that and earned in corers . He also ran business of black magic and now he is arrested by police for raping a girl.
These are the people who have created doubts even about the genuine personalities working in this field.

They are supported by big leaders and political parties , is the worst thing about this .

Criminal juvenile and juvenile : MadanMohan Tarun

Criminal juvenile and juvenile

MadanMohan Tarun

We can’t help to distinguish between the criminal juvenile and juvenile in technical terms involving age factor in the case of Nirbhaya gang rape in which a juvenile was most actively involved in raping her in a running bus, inserting an iron rod in her private part and almost killing her and throwing her out of the bus.

This juvenile can’t be considered as an ordinary juvenile. His horrific monstrous action in his full senses for his sheer pleasure sake,  at the cost of the life of a brilliant lady, needs to be dealt with iron handedly and he does not deserve any mild punishment ,but needs to be destroyed for the welfare of a civilized society.

He is sentenced for his horrific crime only for less than three years mild imprisonment in the remand home, whereas, rest of his friends, who were involved in the same horrific game are granted capital punishment.

Legally, it may be correct, but morally it is not acceptable and it has sent disturbing message to the whole country.

There is no guaranty that the criminal juvenile, in question, will be back from the jail as a gentleman.  A boar can’t be turned into a vegetarian only by taking it into a temple.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Our Visual Media :MadanMohan Tarun

Our Visual Media


MadanMohan Tarun

We need more and more morally, physically, economically,  politically  stronger India ,caring welfare of each and every citizen with their democratic rights intact.

We must keep all our windows open for fresh breeze and thoughts with our originality untouched.

The visual media has played highly effective role in strengthening our democratic values and common people who, in spite of being king makers, are ignored everywhere and lead a life of insignificant beings.
The visual media has overpowered the world of printed words. Till the newspapers reach to our tables, we have already seen everything happening on our small screen of TV and in our mobiles, the small wonder of today, which has reached the whole world in our pockets.
The visual media has circulated shiver in beaurocracy which slaved people in power or groups which have empowered a huge part of our sources and resources which could have made our life more self dependant and respectful.  


It is now not so easy for the administration to keep silence or sit over a file like a stone image for years and years for earning extra money from common people as now the voices are heard and lauded quickly everywhere.


In last few years it has exposed many alarming cases and people in power, enjoying their chairs of silver and gold and playing their arbitrary games in their own favor,  are behind bars.


 Cases of rapes and crime in various forms, involving powerful people have been lauded by this media so vigorously, insistently and continuously that no administration could maintain longer silence over these horrific diseases of our society.


Our fearless journalists, with their powerful cameras in their hands with sharp eyes and investigative mind, working in favor of rights and duties of people, have earned a lot of appreciation and respect from every corner.