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RamaayaN by valmiki -18 Finally the war ended

RamaayaN by Valmiki

MadanMohan Tarun

Finally the war ended

Ram ordered his army to attack on Lanka after all his attempts failed to stop the ruinous
It was a war between the two different concepts of life.
It was a war to recover and reestablish higher values and virtues which were compromised out of personal whims of a monstrous mind.
It was a war to establish a society where nobody was slave to anybody. And every individual was free to lead a respectable life with his head high in the society respecting others way of life.
It was a war against Ravanness under which everything was taken as a thing granted to be utilsed in any way, at any time, including men and women both. They survived at the pleasure of the ruler.
It was a war against a monstrous establishment which was dominated by the rapists, murderers and egoists.
 It was a war against those who had turned the earth into a jungle ruled by carnivorous animals free to move in any way and do anything as per their whims by virtue of their being the rulers, chosen and appointed by them. Here the full sky was occupied by vultures. Birds with multicolored feathers had no place to spread their feathers freely and sing their songs. The earth was unable to allow flowers of tender feelings to bloom with their natural fragrance.
It was a war which gave expression to hidden powers of common people in the forms of monkeys and bears who sufficed the anarchical rule of Ravan under the leadership of Ram who was a rare combination of tolerance and aggression both, who had a body of rock and soul of flowers and a determined mind open to allow fresh wind from all sides. He generated high feeling of self respect and boundless enthusiasm to do something new in this life among all his followers out of which they constructed a bridge over the ocean, Hanuman took a flying jump from Lanka to Kailas to bring Sanjivani to save Laxman, who was on the verge of death after Meghnaad applied his killer missile on him.  Hanuman carried a huge part of mountain on his palm to Lanka with his flying speed.
Finally the war ended. Kumbhakarna, Meghanaad and many other great heroes with boundless abilities and capacities were killed, for, they were supporting a side which had no support of virtuous base to stand for.
Ravan would have been registered by the history as a great warrior, a scholar of a high nobility and a poet of great genius to produce an unequal poem like ‘Shivatandava’ .but he turned to be a virtue less hollow personality . He made himself known as destructor not a protector, as an abductor of women, a rapist and an anarchist and a virtue less fellow. Finally he was killed as an ordinary animal.
The rule of Lanka was replaced by Vibhishan who revolted against Ravanness and took the side of powers against the dominance of evils.

                         ( Inspired by Valmiki)

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