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RamaayaN by Valmiki -14 Nature sends shadows in advance

RamaayaN by Valmiki - 14

MadanMohan Tarun

Nature sends shadows in advance

We are not other than rivers, mountains, trees, birds, flowers and whatever exit in nature, we are a part of it. If anything happens deep inside the earth or on the sky or anywhere, it reflects within us also.
Nature sends us alerts in advance in symbols for good or bad both.
Nature has its own way of communication.
Ravan could not believe that a bridge can be constructed across the ocean and crores of monkeys and bears have camped behind the boundary – wall of Lanka on the sea beach. It was unprecedented- Ravan thought. When he himself had the view of the army of Ram from the boundary- wall, he was shocked to see such a huge gathering of mighty monkeys and bears there. They looked like black clouds which had covered the whole sky. Many of them were huge like mountains and elephants and appeared highly aggressive.

Hanuman had already shaken the confidence of people of Lanka just a few days back. Only a picture of monkey was sufficient to make them sleepless. When they came to know that a bridge has been thrown over the ocean and crores of mighty monkeys and bears have reached to Lanka they lost the hope of their life any more. They started abusing Ravan for kidnapping Sita.
Several senior ministers had already suggested Ravan to send back Sita with respect to Ram so that Lanka can still be saved, but Ravan rejected the suggestion out rightly and threatened them to kill if at all they talked such foolish things ever again.
Vibhishan had already joined Ram. Some of them also left Lanka silently and joined Ram. Tam not only accepted Vibhishan with open heartedly, but he declared him as a king of Lanka after Ravan is killed by him.
Ram visited his army and spoke to Laxman-‘brother! I can read the indications of nature. There is imminent sign of destruction at a large level.
Eminent heroes among ogres, monkeys and bears are going to be killed. See, winds are blowing with dust, earth is shaking very frequently .Black clouds have covered he whole sky. They look like carnivorous animals and emitting harsh sounds. There are some drops of blood mixed in the water coming out from the clouds. The evening twilight resembles red sandalwood in color and appears horrific. Blazing sun is raining mass of fire. Animals and birds are crying with pain, raising their heads towards the sky. Moon is radiating heat. There is blue spot in the centre of the sun. The circle of sun appears dry, inauspicious and red like blood. Crows and hawks are taking round of the sky and producing horrific sound as if the end of the world has arrived’
He asked his brother to keep the army ready and divide it into battalions.

Inspired by Valmiki

RamaayaN by Valmiki-13 what this war was for?

RamaayaN by Valmiki -13

MadanMohan Tarun

What this war was for?
This was not a war only for the rescue of a woman named Sita from Ravan. If at all it had involved only a wife of someone, it certainly had not constituted such type of cooperation of high souls at such a large scale.  The physical Sita had turned into a symbol of those who were forcefully deprived from the rights of living respectful life with their heads high and to chose their own way of life without interfering in others individuality.
It was a war against the supremacy of physical force and devil mind operate by its own whims.
It was a war which took place to reestablish the powers of values and virtues over his anarchy of a whimsical mind which took others only a thing to be used.
Valmiki’s Ram is such a sensitive personality who reacts sharply where he finds others genuine rights in danger. He killed Vaali or injustice one by him to Sugreeva. Vaali not only debarred Sugreeva from all his rights only, but he also took away his wife for his own bed, forcefully.
Ram accepted Vibhishan, younger brother of Ravan, easily who did not agree to bow down before Ravanness.
… If this was not a war supported by high and natural values, it would have been impossible even for Hanuman to take such an unprecedented jump across the ocean;
..Constructing a bridge over the ocean would just have been a nonsense talk;
…carrying a huge part of a mountain from Kailas to Lanka to save Laxman  by Hanuman was not possible if the war was not supported by strongest possible determination to finish the rule of evil forces which made others life impossible only for their pleasure;
…Sita is the symbol of unbending strength of character. She never recognized threatening of Ravan inspite of her being alone in Lanka;
..she could have gone back to Lanka sitting on the back of Hanuman, comfortably, but she chose to wait till Ram himself came to Lanka to finish the regime of terror in Lanka;
Ram is a great leader with deep insight and wisdom with unparallel strength of moral and physical capabilities to implement his determination over the powers of evil. He inspired his followers by his own examples. He had accepted exile for fourteen years only to save the respect of words of his father given to his younger mother Kaikeyee, who wanted Bharat, her own son to be the King of Ayodhya. Bharat never respected her choice and waited for his elder brother Ram for all the fourteen years to hand over his empire back.
Laxman, the younger brother of Ram, chose to go with Ram to jungle for all fourteen years as he never agreed with his father action. These are the great examples of strength of character which itself becomes a source of inspiration.
Hanuman is the most illustrious character of RamaayaN. Valmiki has covered maximum space to draw his impossible deeds. He is the son of God- wind. He is a scholar. He is wise. He is the ocean of strength. He is a loyal and dependable friend. He was offered a high ministerial post by Vaali, after depriving Sugreeva from all his rights and prohibited his entry into his territory; hanuman chose to be with Sugreeva. He always takes side of justice and goodness.
Hanuman achieved the status of God and worshipped by countless .He is immortal and many people claim o have seen him, including me.
Ravan stands nowhere in comparison to these personalities.
Ravan was a great warrior. He was a great scholar and poet who wrote a great poem like ‘Shiva – Tandava which is still liked by appreciators of great poetry. It is still recited in many Shiva temples daily with great respect. Ravan had mighty brothers like Kumbhakarn and wise brother like Vibhishan and a son like Meghanaad, famous as Indrajit. He had a charming wife like Mandodari. His mighty army was unbeatable, but he was finished by monkeys and bears for he was virtueless, mean minded, cruel and a tyrant.
The story of RamaayaN passes through many difficult turnings , at several important occasions  even action of Ram is highly questionable but he does it everything objectively to re- establish high values at all costs.

 Inspired by valmiki

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RAMAYAN by Valmiki - 12 .. and the ocean was briged

RamaayaN by Valmiki 12

MadanMohan Tarun

…and the ocean was bridged

Ram was facing the ocean. It was roaring like thousands and thousands of loins and running towards the shore jumping violently in high tides…and at the other side of it his most loving wife Sita was captivated by a monster named Ravan. This aggravated his anger at the top. He cannot stand idle here. He will dry up the ocean by releasing his powerful missile from his bow. Then he will proceed to Lanka on the dry land with the whole mighty army of Sugreeva…his right hand went to his left shoulder and his well known bow was in his hand and  he was about to load  the brightly shining missile on  it…his thinking  was .about to be translated into action. This ran shiver throughout the  ocean… he felt ocean standing before him with its folded palms ,head down and praying him  humbly…Ram saw hundreds and thousands and thousands of living being floating fearfully on the surface of the ocean, he saw many huge mountains also floating there with fear  this included Mandraachal also from where the Sun – god starts his  journey of light,  generating new life  into the whole creation daily…if the missile is operated by shri Ram, it will destroy countless races of beings residing deep into the ocean forever and the waterless ocean will cause total imbalance to the environment…then what?…the ocean spoke to Ram-‘o mightiest among all , Nala , one of the senior ministers of Sugreeva is the son of Vshwakarma, He is a great engineer. He can construct a bridge over the ocean… Ram looked at his brother Laxman…he agreed to this option…Sugreeva confirmed the ability of Nala and it was decided to construct a huge bridge over the ocean .running from one end to the other … Nala wanted to start this work immediately…this filled Vaanars (monkeys), with great enthusiasm and they started leaping and producing cheerful sounds of victory around.
All monkeys came in action immediately. On instructions of Nala, thousands and thousands and crores of huge monkeys like elephants came in action and they started dumping huge pieces of mountains and huge trees into the ocean and the construction of the bridge started progressing fast…some monkeys were helping Nala in maintaining the measurement of the width of the bridge and some were helping him in arranging the huge pieces of mountains and trees systematically. They constructed fourteen yojan (hundred and five miles) long bridge in a day. On the fifth day the impossible was made possible. The great bridge was ready across the ocean .It was eighty miles wide and eight hundred miles long…this was an unbelievable creation …it was one of the wonders which had taken place on the earth ever before and there is no possibility to be repeated ever again… it was a great creation of monkeys …it was a great product o unbeatable determination…gods and goddesses watched the bridge from the heaven with shocking surprise…it was a creation which can only be stamped as –NA BHOOTO NA BHVSHYATI… Monkeys were full of enthusiasm…some walked on the bridge playfully…some took long leap… some swam enthusiastically…this way the whole army of Sugreeva  reached to the other side of the ocean along with the progress of construction of the bridge.
Sugreeva requested Ram and Laxman to ride on the shoulders of hanuman and Angad to cover the distance faster with their leaping flights through the sky. Both brothers did so.
Now the whole mighty and huge army of Sugreeva was on the other side of the ocean with both the mighty brothers Ram and Laxman…

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RamaayaN by Valmiki -11 ,But how?

RamaayaN by Valmiki 11

MadanMohan Tarun

But how?

Hanuman, the winged mountain, descended on the other side of the ocean where his all fellow colleagues like Jamvan, Angad, Neel and others were waiting for him eagerly, from the day he had left for Lanka. Hanuman roared in thrilling voice of victory.
Bear Jamvant, the senior most among all, announced –‘Hanuman has done the job he had gone for. The way he roared declares his success.’ A thrilling glitter ran over the faces of monkeys hearing these words of Jamvan. Their tails rose automatically and they all ran leaping to Hanuman and surrounded with curiosity.
After Hanuman narrated the whole story about what happened in Lanka, monkeys jumped with boundless joy, but felt sad when Hanuman narrated how Sita lives there among horrible ogresses. Many..many huge monkeys like elephants and aggressive bulls raised their tails out of anger and were ready to go to Lanka to kill Ravan.
With great difficulty they were stopped and they all proceeded to give the result of their search to the king Sugreeva and shri Ram.
Till Hanuman was back from Lanka, monkeys had forgotten their hunger and thirst. They were worried about the result. Now they were comfortable and full of joy which knew no boundaries. Before reaching to the palace of Sugreeva, they all were allowed by Angad to fill their stomach up to their content in the Madhuvan, the royal garden known for its tastiest fruits of varieties. Monkeys entered into the garden and started leaping from tree to tree and eating fruits freely. They did not listen to guards when they tried to stop them. Guards ran to Sugreeva and informed him about what monkeys were doing under the leadership of prince Angad. Hearing this face of Sugreeva started glowing with pleasure. His huge tail raised high and he spoke out loudly- ‘they are back with positive result …’in no time they all came to Sugreeva and Hanuman gave him full details of what had happened in Lanka. Sugreeva hugged Hanuman with great pleasure and satisfaction and they all left to meet shri Ram.
Ram and Laxman greeted Hanuman with high regard .Ram eagerly wanted to know about Sita. How is she there? ‘O gallant monkey, O tiger among all, O performer of impossible … tell me...tell me how is Sita there!’Hanuman narrated the whole story about what had happened in Lanka and he told him about Sita-‘I saw Sita in the Ashoka grove, thin of fasts with matted hair locks, emaciated and stained with dust. Her face reflected deep pain of sufferings. She is always, surrounded by horrific ogresses, who keep watch on her.
I saw her turning into violent flames of fire when Ravan came to her and asked to change her mind. However, Ravan could not dare to face the flame – like lady longer. He left soon, threatening her o kill if she does not change within thirty days from then.’
Hearing this, eyes of Ram went filled with tears, his voice choked and he hugged Hanuman tightly and said ‘when I see your eyes, I feel her presence here. I can hear the voice of her deep self calling me for her rescue. Now I cannot wait any longer in Kiskindha. We all must cross the ocean and finish the story of Ravan forever without any further delay.’
But how?

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RamaayaN by Valmiki -10,Let Ram come here ,Hanuman!

RamaayaN by Valmiki 10
MadanMohan Tarun
Let Ram come here, Hanuman!
Now Hanuman was standing before Sita after his historical performance in Lanka.
Sita was satisfied to see him unhurt, safe and sound. She felt sad to know that Hanuman was returning back from here. She requested him, with her tearful eyes to stay here at least for one more day. She was not sure of his returning back here again. She was unable to visualize the mighty army of Sugreeva with thousands and thousands of monkeys and bears crossing over the ocean. She knew only three among beings capable to cross the ocean – The Garuda, Wind –God and Hanuman, who was a new edition among them.
Wise Hanuman could read what was going on in her mind. He said- ‘O godly great lady! Don’t lose your heart. Sugreeva, the mighty ruler of monkeys will not stop any more when he comes to know about you from me.  The army of mighty monkeys under Sugreeva is capable to perform anything people know as impossible. I will carry Ram and Laxman on my back and you will find whole empire of Ravan destroyed along with him. Ravan has only a few counted days of his life.’
Hanuman stopped a while, looked at Sita and requested her to sit on his back. He will immediately take her back to shri Ram.’ Finding Sita in doubts, Hanuman continued - ‘I can carry whole Lanka with Ravan on my one palm and cross the ocean comfortably. Mother! Don’t worry; sit on my back without any hesitation, within no time you will be with Ram.’
Sita replied to Hanuman- ‘I have no doubt that you can reach me to shri Ram carrying me on your back. I know, you are capable to do anything, one can think of. But I don’t want to escape from Lanka like this. It will not add any credibility to Ram. If Ram himself comes here, kills Ravan and takes me back, I will be proud of that great moment to have enjoyed. I want Ravan killed by Ram before I leave Lanka for Ayodhya with him.’
Hanuman bowed his head before Sita ,agreed to her and assured her  of coming back soon with mighty Ram and Laxman with the undefeatable army of Sugreeva  for her rescue after destroying Lanka with the whole army of Ravan including him.
Hanuman left Lanka with her permission and took his mighty jump with tremendous speed and started flying like a feathered huge mountain above the ocean.

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RamaayaN by Valmiki -9 There was nothing like Lanka of gold now

RamaayaN by Valmiki  -9

MadanMohan Tarun

There was nothing like a Lanka of gold now

Ravan was not in habit of enjoying preaching. He was only R A VA N and only R AV A N, the last word on everything. He could not  tolerate a monkey playing wise in front of him and praising someone else than him. He angrily asked his soldiers to kill the monkey immediately.
Vibhishan, his younger brother was sitting there. He was different  in nature from his other brothers. He believed in truth to be respected. He realized that though the words of the monkey were distasteful, there was power of truth in what he said. Forceful abduction of anybody’s wife cannot be approved by any virtuous soul.
Vibhishan stood up and told Ravan with his folded hands ‘o ruler of ogres! Cast off your anger and forgive me and pay your ears to my appeal. Virtuous rulers know what is exalted and what is low. Wise do not sanction the killing of a messenger. There are many other punishments recommended by the authorities as mutilation of any of his limbs, shaving of head, flogging and some other treatments like this, but killing of a messenger is against all the provisions of virtues. Better to cast punishment of death on those who have sent him here.’
Ravan approved what Vibhishan suggested. He waited a moment and said- ‘in case of monkeys, their tail is cherished embellishment. Therefore, set his tail on fire and give him a round of the whole city. Let this monkey return to his master with his tail burnt.’
All the ogres present there enjoyed this order with whimsical cheerful sounds and they started dancing and preparing for the same.
They began to wrap the tail of Hanuman with clothes and whatsoever they found inflammable in Lanka. Hanuman smiled from within. He decided to perform an unimaginable act which  will  turn Lanka of gold into a matter oh history or ever.
He started increasing the size of his tail slowly. Ogres consumed everything whatever they had at their end. His tail was fully soaked in oil and ghee. They set fire to it and took him to give round of Lanka, so that every resident can enjoy this rare scene. The body of Hanuman was still tied tightly. They were beating kettledrums and blasting conches. All women, children, old and young men of Lanka were following the monkey making fun of him and hitting him with their legs. They took the monkey as in their full control. He was so tightly tied from his every part of body that he cannot manage to release himself ever, they thought. They were sure that finally, after the game of fire was over, the monkey will either die or will be badly disfigured by the deep burns on his body.
 But, something unexpected happened. The huge monkey reduced his size and slipped away silently from all the ties around his body. Now he was seen on one of the buildings of Lanka. His burning tail was looking like a huge flag of flames .He started running from here and there on the buildings of the city like a huge cloud with lightening. Houses started catching fire fast .where ever he took a jump it turned into a burning body of fire. Excepting the house of Vibhishan, which he had spared, the whole Lanka was burning. The strong wind had made the fire more and more damaging. The peak of mountain Trikut, where the Lanka was situated, had turned into a burning body of fire. It produced a horrific dance of flames which were singing in their crackling sound all around the city. Men, women, old, young and children all were crying out of fear. They were searching their mothers, sisters, wives, sons and daughters. They all were trying to run away from the fire around them, but there was no escape left visible around.
By now, huge number of animals were also out from there husbandries and they were running here and there to save themselves. Many citizens of Lanka were crushed by them to death.
By now, Hanuman had no time to think. He stood on the peak of  the mountain Trikut and saw only fire and fire all around. Houses, trees all had turned into violent flames of fire.
All at a sudden he was flashed with a thought- ‘have I burnt Sita also?’ this idea disturbed him badly. He jumped towards the garden where Sita lived. He saw Sita worried, but safe under the tree. The flames of fire had not touched this pious place.
Satisfied Hanuman, in all respect, sunk his burning tail into the ocean and took leave of fire which turned Lanka of gold into the body of ashes.
Ravan lost his credibility forever as a power which cannot be surpassed, even by gods, as he claimed.
If your virtues are lost, you can be shown your limits, even by a monkey with faith in values, be you Ravan or anything.
Gold loses its glitter in dirty hands.

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RamaayaN by Valmiki -8 when wisdom failed

RamayaN by Valmiki -8
MadanMohan Tarun
When wisdom failed

After the search of Sita was completed, Hanuman thought of weighing the strength of Lankan army. But, how to do it?
There are four means of winning over an enemy according to Shastras- peaceful negotiation, offering of gift, sowing seeds of dissension and finally using strength.
He knew peaceful negotiation was not possible here; gift will not work as they are very rich; sowing seeds of dissension was not possible in a day or two.  He was left with no any other option than to use his strength. He immediately implemented it and started destroying Ashoka Garden to attract the attention of Ravan and his people. Guards of the garden tried to catch the monkey but not only they failed to do so, but many were killed by him easily. Many of them ran to Ravan and told him that a huge uncontrollable monkey was destroying Ashoka – garden badly. He has killed many guards who went to catch him. They also informed him that some of them have seen him talking with Sita.
This report inflamed Ravan with anger. He sent Kinker, either to catch him alive and bring before him or to kill the monkey.  Kinker left with a huge army. Hanuman killed them all. Then he sent mighty Jambumali, son of one of his ministers Prahasta, but Hanuman killed him also. He killed seven   sons of his ministers sent by him one by one, including seven mighty commanders of his so called unparallel army. Hanuman killed his mighty son Akshhaya kumar also, whom he had sent with great hope.
Ravan could not believe it. How a monkey can do so! Who this monkey is? How can he kill such great warriors?
Now his well known son Meghanaad, who had defeated Indra and was known as Indrajit by then, left to deal with the monkey. Meghanaad decided to catch the monkey alive, so that residents of Lanka can see him in chains and realize the strength of Lanka, which was put to doubts by the monkey.
When Indrajit saw the monkey first time, He could not believe that a monkey can be so huge, gallant and extraordinary in appearance. He realized immediately that he was not facing an ordinary creature. The great monkey dismissed all the weapons used by him which had never failed before. Finally he decided to use Brahmaastra on him. He fitted his missile on his bow and released it. The great son of God-wind saw Brahmaastra released from his bow. He thought though he is capable to dismiss this missile also, but he will not disrespect the weapon of Lord Brahma. He allowed the missile to work on him with his hands folded before it. In no time he was lying on the earth and his whole body was tightly tied up from all sides.
Meghanaad presented Hanuman before Ravan.
Hanuman could not move his eyes from Ravan. He was a huge bodied monster looked like a mountain. He was pitch black in color but his face was shining with unexplainable charm and authority. He had all auspicious marks on his body. He looked in no case any ordinary creation of the God .Had he maintained his virtues, he would have been the most powerful among all, hanuman was thinking of him.
Ravan also started thinking seeing him-‘he cannot be an ordinary monkey. Who is he? Has lord Shiva himself come here in the form of his powerful Nandi?
He waited perplexed for quite some time. His all ministers, citizens were curiously watching the monkey, having many questions in their mind.
Prahasta, one of the ministers of Ravan, asked Hanuman to introduce himself.
 ’Who are you? Are you messenger of Indra, lord of the gods? Has Vishnu sent you here? Yama, Kuber, varun, who has sent you. Your prowess is certainly not like a monkey. You would be sent back freely, if you reveal your identity correctly.’
On this question, the great son of God wind looked at Ravan and said- ‘I am not sent by Indra, Vishnu, Yama, Varun or Kuber. I am just a monkey by birth. I have destroyed the priceless garden only to see Ravan. Being a monkey, I killed those who led to kill me.’
He addressed Ravan firmly and said- ‘don’t mistake me helpless under the control of Brahmaastra. I have accepted it by my choice to honor this godly missile if I wish; I can free myself immediately with its effect. ‘
‘I am messenger of Shri Ram, whose wife Sita, Ravan has abducted from Janasthaan in his absence like an ordinary coward.’
Hanuman said further-‘I am carrying a message from your brother Sugreeva, whose elder brother Vali, whom you know well, is killed by shri Ram. You have abducted his wife Sita in his absence like cawards. Thousands of mighty monkeys, like me in strength and some more than me are searching her everywhere under his command. Lord Sugreeva has sent a message to you that you ‘send Sita back to Shri Ram, otherwise you will also be sent by the same path which was followed by Vali. O wise king! You cannot enjoy happiness by committing offence against shri Ram. Even four headed Brahma, three eyed Rudra, mighty Indra, lord of gods, is unable to stand before him in the battlefield.’
Though the firmly revealed words of Hanuman were excellently packed with great meaning and wisdom, Ravan badly provoked by them .He ordered his soldiers to kill him immediately.

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RamayaN by Valmiki- 7 How a monkey can be messenger

RamayaN by Valmiki -7
 of Ram ?
MadanMohan Tarun

How a monkey can be a messenger of Ram?

Hanuman watched everything sitting hidden on the Ashoka tree. He was capable to do anything but the time did not allow him. This could have been much harmful for Sita. He decided to wait till the proper moment arrives. Sita was badly depressed after Ravan left. It was a daily affair. Her days started with this type of torture and insults. This time she decided to kill herself and finish the story for ever.
Hanuman, took it as a proper moment to disclose his identity before Sita. All devil women had gone in deep sleep after Ravan left. It was too early for them to rise as well as they were aware of the fact that Sita can go nowhere.
Hanuman slipped down from the tree and presented himself in normal form of a monkey with folded hands in respect. Sita looked at him with fear and surprise. Hanuman introduced himself as a messenger from Ram.  
Sita could not believe it. She had heard name of Ram from someone else’s mouth in Lanka for the first time. Hanuman could read what was going on in her mind. He wanted to give her the ring given by Ram to establish his identity before her, but as a messenger he wanted to be fully sure that he was standing before the same Sita, who is wife of Ram. A demon like Ravan has abducted many women forcefully, she might be one of them, but not the same Sita, and he is searching for.  Hanuman asked Sita in gentle tone and respect –‘O gentle lady, who are you among gods, demons, Nagas, Gandharvas? Who are you among eleven Gandharvas and among forty nine wind gods? To me you appear like Rohini, the foremost of lunar mansions and superior in all excellent virtues, separated from the moon and fallen on the earth from the heaven. Your several signs make me feel that you are consort of some ruler on the earth and daughter of some king.
If you are the same Sita, stolen away by Ravan from the janasthan, kindly reveal it to me.’
Sita was not convinced seeing a monkey standing before her and claiming himself as a messenger, sent by Shri Ram to her.’ It can be Ravan disguised as a monkey’ she thought. She could not believe that a monkey can leap across a vast ocean. She took Hanuman to be Ravan in this form. She turned her face and stopped talking.
Hanuman read her mind and said-‘O great lady! Ram is glorious as the sun. He is rich in calmness, graceful and sweet full of splendor. He is foremost among warriors in the world. You yourself will see the consequence of the sinful act of Ravan by whom you are taken away here after diverting shri Ram from the site of his hermitage through a demon disguised as a deer. O princes of Videh! I am a monkey named Hanuman, one of the ministers of Sugreev, King of monkeys; I have leaped across the vast ocean, following a great task to perform. I have penetrated deep into the city of Lanka. I have come to see you sent by Ram. I am not what you suppose me to be. Believe my words as I say.’
Sita questioned him further ‘tell me, how did a meeting took place between monkeys and human beings? Discuss more distinctive marks on the body of Ram and Laxman ’
Hanuman submitted full detail of what had happened with Sugreev and how Ram helped him by killing Bali.
 He said describing Ram that he is master of archery- science. He is well versed in Vedas. He has broad shoulders, mighty arms, a conch shaped neck. His voice is like deep sound of kettle-drum. He is ever stiff in three limbs-breast, wrist and fist. He walks in four different gaits- like a lion, a tiger, an elephant and a bull.
He is dark brown in his complexion.
His brother Laxman is endowed with a golden complexion.’
Hanuman showed his huge body to convince her that he is capable to cross over the ocean.
Hanuman gave Ram’s signet ring to Sita and said –‘shri Ram does not know that you are here otherwise he would have taken you back, killing Ravan and all, by now. Ram leads a restless life in your absence, but you will shortly see him here. He will destroy Ravan and his whole empire and take you back to Ayodhya.’ these great words gave deep satisfaction to Sita. Now she had no doubt in the genuineness of Hanuman, sent by her husband Ram.
Sita started shedding tears from her eyes, knowing how Ram was living in her absence.
Hanuman slipped up on the Ashoka tree finding some movement in the bodies of ogresses sleeping around Sita.

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RAMAYAN by Valmiki - 6 The impossible jump of Hanuman

RamaayaN by Valmiki - 6

MadanMohan Tarun

The impossible jump of Hanuman

Hanuman has no parallel as a mighty character in the whole world.
He is worshipped as God among Hindus.
He performs impossible comfortably.
He alone is mightier than any army.
He can uproot any mountain and can run with flying speed, carrying it on his palm.
He is wise; he is kind; he is humble equally he is ruthless.
Wonders are never performed only by physical strength. It needs highly charged mind with some strong reason.
Hanuman could not approve a woman abducted forcefully by an evil force.
Right from the moment he heard the story of Ram, he was not comfortable.
He had seen almost a similar incident happening with Sugreeva for no valid reasons.
Only by virtue of being powerful his elder brother Bali not only deprived him from his normal rights but he also took away his loving wife Roma.
He made him to leave his territory for ever.
Hanuman could not digest this injustice done to Sugreeva for his no fault.
When he came to know that Sita was abducted by Ravan, the king of Lanka, situated next side of the ocean, his anger was doubled.

While leaving for Lanka, to search Sita, he stood on the peak of mountain Mahendra, gave a look at the ocean and started becoming larger and larger and covered all the directions and his height touched the sky.
Now it was only Hanuman and hanuman everywhere.
The ocean appeared like water kept in a pot.
 He roared loudly with the strength of thousands and thousands of loins and took the classic mega jump over the ocean which was never repeated by anybody else.
When he reached in the mid of the ocean, mountain Mhendra requested him to rest a while and make his life fruitful. Hanuman accepted his request and descended on it for a while to oblige the mountain. In order to judge his capabilities, gods sent Sursaa, mother of snakes to him on the mountain .she ran to him opening her huge mouth, as if to finish his story for ever but Hanuman became more than double of her in size. Sursa again extended her body .Now brilliant Hanuman did not allow her to play any more games with him. He turned himself into the shortest form and came out through her ear .Sursa confirmed his unparallel physical and mental capacities to carry on the great job assigned to him.  Hanuman proceeded ahead paying his respect to Sursaa.
Within no time he was on the mountain Trikut, on which Lanka was situated. He had a glimpse of it. It was reflecting golden light from all around. It was protected by huge bodied and mightiest monsters. It was not possible to make entry into Lanka with his normal body. He turned himself in shortest size which was almost invisible to normal eyes.
While entering into Lanka, he was stopped by huge bodied women. She was huge and horrible. She introduced herself as goddess of Lanka, named Lankini.Nothing can remain invisible to her. Hunuman, very humbly requested her to allow him to make entry into Lanka. She did not agree, but was ready to kill him. Hanuman waited a second and hit her hard. She fainted and vomited blood from her mouth.
When she came back to senses, she folded her both hands before him and told him that the ending point of Lanka has arrived. Long back lord Brahma had told me that when you will be moved by the hit of a monkey, you should realse that the end of Ravan has arrived. Lankini bowed her head before Hanuman and said ‘no one can stop you anywhere. Move to Lanka and do your duties.’ Hanuman paid respect to here and proceeded ahead.
Hanuman found Lanka highly protected by mighty monsters and felt that it cannot be conquered by a normal war –fare. He felt only four of them - he, Neel, Angad and the king Sugreeva- are capable to inter into Lanka.
The beautiful city was full of six- seven storied mansions. They were all made of gold and studded with gems and decorated with strings of pearls.
He heard the sound of delighting music coming from some houses, from some he heard sound of mantras being chanted .He saw charming ladies laden with precious ornaments and producing jingling melody from their anklets with their every  glorious foot-fall.
In some of the houses he saw huge bodied, arrogant and intoxicated ogres. Their houses were packed with chariots, horses having seats of gold.
Now he was in the center of Lanka.
He saw a unique palace made of gold and precious jewels fitted around. It was reflecting hypnotizing light from all around. It was so high as if touching the sky.  It was heavily guarded by huge bodied and mighty giants. Nobody could dare to move around its huge and heavenly complex. It was the palace of Ravan, the mighty ruler, the king of Lanka. Hanuman entered inside the palace. Nobody could see him. Now he was in a glorious, cozy and highly decorated hall. Its floors were covered with slabs of crystal inlaid with figures of ivory, diamonds, corals, silver and gold. Its highly decorated pillars were huge and high. It looked like paradise. There he saw women with incomparable beauty sleeping deeply. Their garlands were lying disordered on their silky bodies. Precious jewels of their shining ornaments were scattered around due to the force of their dance under the effect of heavy drinks taken by them. They were in deep sleeps. Their bodies waved like full stream when they breathed deep.
There were many women, but Hanuman could not find Sita there.
Hanuman saw huge bodied Ravan sleeping on an exceptionally excellent and highly comfortable couch decorated with rarest possible jewels available on the earth. He looked gallant and mighty. He was deep black like a huge piece of shining coal. He looked like a huge elephant sleeping comfortably. His face reflected enormous power, energy and command with glowing charm. His shoulders were well formed and he looked like a ten hooded serpent with great glory.
Hanuman saw a most attractive woman, full of charm with no comparison, sleeping there.  At first glance he took her as Sita. But he dismissed his idea finding no sign of sorrow on her face. Sita cannot sleep with some other male, so comfortably. No, no, no, she can never be Sita!
Disappointed Hanuman in searching Sita till now, entered into the remaining buildings. He visited the picture galleries, dormitories, basements, shades of cross-roads, pleasure -hedges, he saw many other charming women there, but could not find Sita anywhere.
A thought flashed in his mind- ‘is she killed? In case she is killed, he will carry Ravan from here and put up him before Ram.
In the mean time night ended and the east-side sky started appearing blackish red. He heard the chanting of Vedas from Brahmin ogres.They were well versed in Vedas including the six auxiliary sciences, grammar, prosody ,etymology, phonetics, astronomy and sciences of rituals. The mighty Ravan was awakened by playing musical instruments and ritual songs written for him particularly.
Hanuman thought it better to change his place and jumped down in the boundary of Asoka garden. He still had not lost his faith in finding Sita. He climbed up on of the Asoka tree.
Down at the roots of the same tree, he saw a woman, surrounded by ogresses. She was clad in a single yellow colored cloth which was almost dirty. Though she was looking miserable with tears in her eyes, she reflected unparallel beauty. She looked like flame enveloped by smoke.
She was different from all the women he had seen so far in Lanka. He saw the same ornaments the woman wearing which was mentioned by Ram. Same earrings in her ears and same ornaments around her arms. They were darkened due to thick cover of dust on them.
He saw her -
resembling as hope which was frustrated;
faith which was tearful with contempt;
a great renown which had grown feeble;
a prospect which was blasted;
a full moon eclipsed by the demon Rahu;
a lotus blighted by the frost;
an army whose warriors were killed;
the sunlight obscured by darkness.

In the mean time he heard sound of some music nearing to the tree and some voices .This sound alerted the entire demon- woman sitting around Sita. He marked; these voices deepened the sadness of Seta’s face.
Within no time, the grandson of Pulsthya, Ravan was there. Ravan addressed Sita in many sweet and enchanting words to impress her. But Sita remained unmoved. She did not shed her look even once on him. Instead, she praised Ram in various words and told him that a day will come soon and he certainly be killed by mighty Shri Ram and he will take her back. These words made Ravan angry. He gave her two months more to change her mind and threatened her to kill if she did not behave accordingly.
He returned back with these words.

Hanuman flashed with enormous happiness-‘this is the Sita, wife of Shri Ram for whom he made mega jump, crossed the ocean and came here.’ He felt like jumping down from the tree, but he reserved himself with great effort as many ogresses were still sitting there. He waited for the proper moment to arrive.

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RaamaayaN by Valmiki -5 A unique expedition

RaamaayaN by Valmiki-5

MadanMohan Tarun

A unique expedition in search of Sita

Sugreeva was installed as the king of Kishkindha with full religious celebration.
Water from pious streams, rivers and oceans from all the quarters were brought in pictures of gold. The foremost monkeys and bears – Gaja, Gavaakshha, Gavya, Sharabh, Gandhamaadan, Dwivid, Hanumaan and Jaamvaan, the chief of bears, gave him bath. They poured pious water on him through the horns of bulls as per religious tradition.
Thousands of monkeys, apes and bears, present there, cried loudly with joy.
After him, Angada, the only son of Vaali, was concreted as the prince.

It was rainy season. Sky was captured by thick black clouds and it roared like thousands of lions together. It colored days like nights. Frightening lightning danced on the sky among roaring clouds. It poured water on the earth continuously. Rivers were full; fountains were flowing from the mountains in full force. Trees were green and rising up to touch the sky. Paths were covered with wild and thorny grasses making movements very difficult.
There was understanding between Ram and Sugreeva to start search for Sita after the rainy season was over.
Ram decided to live in a cave of the mountain Prashravan with his brother Laxman during this season.
Passing four months of rainy season was not easy for mighty Ram without Sita. He was counting every day for the arrival of Sharad ritu (autumn season). He always talked of Sita with Laxman.
One day , when he was sitting on the peak of the mountain  ,he said to Laxman-‘ brother! look, clouds are returning back fast to lord Indra, sky is clearer, nights are bright with lovely moon . Rivers have come to the normal in their level of water, mud on the earth is drying fast, paths are getting clearer, birds have started chirping and flying freely , peacocks  have started dancing .It appears Sharada ,autumn, has arrived.
But Ram found no any activity from Sugreeva side.
Sugreeva was enjoying the comforts of life with his wife Roma and Tara, wife of Vaali. He appeared to have forgotten everything other than sensuous pleasures and luxuries of life.
His senior counselor Hanuman reminded his promise to Ram to commence search of Sita after the rainy season was over. He told him that he must order to start expedition for the search of Sita as the rainy season has ended. This suggestion opened the eyes of Sugreeva. He called Neel, one of his senior counselors to call all his army commanders from all directions with their best  of soldiers within fifteen days from now. He also asked Neel to contact senior monkeys, apes and bears, personally.
Neel left immediately to see this order in action soon.
Ram had no information of these activities. He took it as negligence from Sugreeva. It made him terribly angry. He asked his brother Laxman to go to Kishkindha and convey his warning to sugreeva and tell him- ‘the route by which Vaali has departed on being killed by me, on the field of battle ,has not closed yet.’ Tell him- ‘O king of monkeys! implement  the pledge given to me or keep yourself ready to follow the path, Vaali was sent forever.’
Watching anger of his mighty brother, Laxman started burning with rage. He took his bow and arrows and moved to Kishkindhaa immediately. He reached Kishkindhaa crushing all the hurdles of the path under his feet. He was looking like five hooded ferocious cobra. He saw Kishkindha guarded by mighty and huge bodied monkeys, strong like lions. Nobody could dare to ask him any question and his whereabouts. He stood at the gate of the castle of Sugreeva which was situated in a huge cave ,surrounded by  houses of his ministers and  other important residents. It reflected richness and happiness.
Laxman was standing at the gate of the cave like flames of fire. Angad saw him. He bowed his head before him in respect. Laxman asked him to inform Sugreeva about his arrival. Angad went inside, but Laxman had no patient to wait there, he was so angry. He furiously went directly to the house where Sugreeva was enjoying music and dance surrounded by charming women along with his wife Roma and Tara.
Laxman did not care to see here and there. He roared loudly and addressed sugreeva –‘o monkey! He who accomplishes his own purpose with the help of his friends and does not repay the service of his friends is ungrateful and deserves to be killed. You have accomplished your purpose through the good office of Shri Ram in the first instance, but you are not responding to the services of Shri Ram for the discovery of Sita. O sinful and evil minded monkey! Have you forgotten the power of arms of Ram which finished physical existence of  Vaali within no time? Are you waiting for the same fate for yourselves also? The path, from which Vaali has departed to the abode of death, is yet open. Do what you have promised to Ram immediately or I will kill you.’ Sugreeva looked at Laxman. He was looking like god of death. Sugreeva could not dare to face him. He came fast before him and stood with his hands folded and said-‘ O mighty Prince! I have not forgotten my promise. I have already sent my message to all my army commanders to assemble at Kishkindha with their selected soldiers within fifteen days, so that the search can be started without any delay.’ This information cooled Laxman a bit. Sugreeva said further-‘I will spare no stone untouched in search of Sita. I am true to my promise. However, if you wish I can send my call- notice again to my commanders.’ He looked at Hanuman, who was standing near him and asked him- ‘O mighty and wise Hanuman! Summon all best possible monkeys, mighty and fast runners from all the five rages of the mountains- the Mahindra, Himalay,Vindhya, Kailas and Mandrachal. I have already sent my orders to the boarders for sending their army soon. They must have left by now, but remind them again. If they don’t report in time they will be awarded nothing less than capital punishment.’
Hanuman did not wait any more. In compliance to the order of Sugreeva, he sent many selected monkeys to different directions to call all of them and gather in Kishkindha soon.’ Laxman was pleased to see these activities. He returned back to his brother and informed him about these preparations.
In the next few days monkeys, apes and bears started coming from all directions to Kishkindha with their commanders. They were all huge and mighty. Some were black like coal, some red; some of them were of shining golden color.
After that Sugreeva came to shri Ram. He fell down on his feat. Ram lifted him with love and regard and embraced him. There were thousands and thousands of monkeys standing around them with their folded hands, ready to follow the instructions of their commanders.
Sugreev addressed them all – ‘O my mighty and unbeatable great soldiers! You have to search Sita, wife of Sri Ram, abducted by Ravan, maximum within a month time without fail, either from the earth, or sky or from plains or mountains, from the rivers or from the oceans. I am sure, you are all selected ones from your mighty armies and you are capable to go anywhere. You must prove your breed by achieving the target assigned to you. All cheered loudly in positive response to him.
They were divided into different groups and sent to the different directions with their commanders in search of Sita.
They all started enthusiastically. They were in such a huge number that they looked as if clouds have covered the whole sky.
Hanuman was sent to southern end of the empire. He was accompanied by many mighty monkeys, apes and bears. This team was led by Angad. Shri Ram, out of intuition, gave his ring to Hanuman to show Sita to convince her, in case he finds her.
They all proceeded immediately with the blessings of Sugreeva and Shri Ram.
 A full month was about to pass, from the day  they had left Kishkindha. They had searched everywhere without any result. They could not get any sign of Sita anywhere.
They all were extremely worried. Angad was ready to kill himself than to return back empty handed to kiskindha. They all were badly depressed. They were discussing their problems sitting on a mountain.
Sampati, the old and mighty vulture lived there. During their discussion they referred Jataayu. Hearing  the name of his younger brother , Sampati came to them. Monkeys told him the whole story and requested him to tell if he knew anything about the whereabouts of Sita. Sampati told them that Sita is abducted by Ravan, the king of Lanka. He has taken Sita there. He told them that Lanka is an island situated in the ocean on huge mountain , known as Trikut. It is far from there and had no any land link.
This information gave great solace to them. They felt comfortable.
All monkeys reached to the beach of the ocean.
It was the universe of water spreading up to  horizon.  It was a big challenge to cross the ocean and reach to Lanka.
Who will do it? It was a big question.
Great monkeys like Gaja, Gavaakshha, Gandhamadan and others narrated their leaping capacities which was not enough to cross the ocean.
Hanuman was listening silently what they were talking.
Jaamvaan eyed on him with respect.
Hanuman was a great celebrated hero who was known for doing many wonders. He could do what others never thought of doing, Jamvaan knew this.
He was fast like wind with lightening speed. He had strength of thousands of lions which was matchless.
Jamvaan looked at Hanuman and said to him- ‘O mighty Garuda among monkeys! You have no parallel in strength and wisdom in the whole universe. You have matchless capacity of leaping. You jumped up to the rising sun, taking it as a ripe fruit to eat in your childhood. Feeling you danger for the sun, Indra hurled his thunderbolt on you. You fell down from there on the top of a mountain and broke one side of your chin, because of this you became known as Hanuman. When your father wind came to know that you are hurt by Indra, he stopped blowing. This caused suffocation to the whole universe. Brahma , in order to please wind gave you a boon that you will never die till you yourself desire to die.’
‘O great Hanuman, if you can jump up to the sun, this ocean is nothing for you. It is like a small ditch with water for you.
Hearing these words, the size of Hanuman started growing larger and taller. Within no time his head touched the sky. He addressed all the monkeys standing around him, looking puzzled ‘
‘O my dear all, don’t worry now. ‘I can touch the sun, I can tear the earth into pieces like old piece of cloth if needed, and I can cross the ocean in my single leap. I can carry Lanka on my palm. The whole universe will watch my mega jump today.
These great words of Hanuman filled all monkeys with new hope and faith. Their eyes started glowing and faces started shining with hope.
They all started shouting with joy and praising Hanuman in many words

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RamaayaN by Valmiki- 4 You have to prove your strength ,Ram

RamaayaN by Valmiki -4


MadanMohan Tarun

Hanuman introduced Ram to Sugreeva. Sugreeva wanted to know about why he was roaming around in the jungles of Kishkindha. Ram told him that he is exiled for fourteen years by his father Dashrath, the king of Ayodhya, under the conspiracy of his youngest wife Kaikeyee, mother of Bharat. He is followed by his Younger brother Laxman and wife sita. He has to live in jungles far from Ayodhya during this period. While they all three lived in a cottage in the jungle of Panchvati, Sita was abducted by RavaN forcefully one day. We both brothers were made to go out deceitfully by one of the followers of RavaN, named Mareech. Since then we have been searching Sita everywhere, but have not got any clue of her till now.
Sugreeva was deeply pained to learn his story.
He told him to help in searching Sita by all means.
Ram requested Sugreeva to tell him about himself.
Sugreeva told him that there is some similarity in their life.
Sugreeva told that he is younger brother of mighty Vaali, who rules the jungles of Kishkindha. He is well known for his extraordinary strength and ruthlessness. Thousands and thousands of mighty monkeys and apes living around this jungle and even faraway places from here cannot dare to disobey him.
He strides from the southern side of the ocean to the northern side and from the eastern side to its western end daily before sun- rise, without any fatigue. He makes huge trees leafless by shaking them from down. Apart from this he has done many wonders in his life.
Before living in the hills of Rishyamuk, I lived with him. One day when he was sleeping in his castle, a huge monster named Mayaavi, son of Maya and elder brother of Dundubhi, came to our place and started shouting and challenging him indecently from the door. His harsh and loud voice disturbed the sleep of Vaali. He came out fast. I also followed him. Seeing us together, Mayaavi realized that he had committed a mistake by coming over here and challenging Vaali. He will not be able to face us both. He took a turn and started running, out of fear. My angry brother followed him. I followed my brother. After some time, Mayaavi entered into a narrow cave to save himself. My brother told me to wait at the mouth of the cave till he was back. I waited there almost a full year. One day I saw a thick flow of blood with foam collecting near the mouth of the cave. I was happy to think that my brother has killed the monster and he will be back soon. I waited there for few more days but my brother did not return back. This made me think that he is killed. I kept a huge stone at the mouth of the cave and returned back with my tearful eyes. The news of the death of my brother filled the whole family in deep agony.
Ministers, thinking that a kingdom cannot be left without a king for longer time, asked me to sit in his throne as a king since I was the only survivor after Vaali among my brothers. I was reluctant o do so, but in order to secure the safety of the kingdom, I had to accept this responsibility.
Everything was running comfortably. But, one day, all saw Vaal back. I was greatly thrilled to see my brother back alive. I immediately told him ‘brother! It is a great satisfaction to our eyes to see you back. I was here only as a caretaker of the kingdom in your absence. This is your throne. Place your glorious self here and I shall always be in your service as earlier.’ But he did not offer his ears to my words. He was shivering with anger. His eyes were running fire on me. He smashed my crown with his hands and crushed my ornaments, I was wearing as a king with his feat and shouted ‘O cheat! You have deceived me to occupy my throne. You have no any place in my home since now onwards. You leave boundaries of my kingdom immediately and never are seen ever to me, otherwise I will kill you.’
I was aware of his ruthless nature. I knew he does not change his words ever. I was immediately ready to leave him. I called my wife, but he did not allow her to come with me and announced ‘everything belonging to you, including your wife, is my property since now onwards.’
I left his kingdom heavy heartedly.  I was not sorry to lose everything but I painted for my lovely wife every moment here. My ten dependable ministers, including wise and super mighty Hanuman, followed me. I chose to live in the hills of Rishymuk as Vaali was cursed to never to enter in this area by a rishi.’
Sugreeva looked at Ram and said ‘here I am, deprived form everything, including my loving wife.’


Story of Sugreeva pained Ram deeply. He himself was passing through such experience. Hanuman lit fire on his instruction and kept it on the ground. Ram had a round of the burning fire with its sharp flame and caught the hand of Sugreeva firmly with his hands and said ‘we are friends from this moment. I promise to kill Vaali and restore your kingdom along with your wife back to you.  This burning flame is the witness to my words which never go waste. ’
These words filled every eye with glitter of new hope and happiness.
Sugreeva told Ram with his folded hands ‘O Ram! You have come as a boat in my flooded life. Like the rising sun in the darkest possible nights of my life. I have no words to express my gratitude to your great promise for me.’


‘But killing Vaali is a difficult task ‘Sugreeva said.
He narrated some other stories confirming unparallel strength of Vaali.
‘When Dundubhi, the younger brother of Mayaavi came to know that his elder brother is killed by Vaali, he flamed with anger. He was a huge monster. He had a mountain like strong body. He challenged Vaali standing at his door. Vaali came out .He lifted his huge body with his arms and dashed it to the ground . As result his body instantly smashed and he died. Vaali lifted his dead body up with his arms and hurled it at a distance of four miles away from there.
Sugreeva showed Ram the mountain - top - like remain of his body lying at some distance from them.
He showed Ram seven gigantic Sal trees standing in a row. He said ‘Vaali pierced these huge Sal trees one after other, more than once.’


‘Such is the matchless strength Vaali has.’ He doubted ‘how Ram will kill him in the combat? ‘
Hearing such descriptions of bravery of Vaali, given by Sugreeva, Laxman laughed within himself on his ignorance of unimaginable strength of Ram.
He asked Sugreeva – ‘How can you believe that Ram can kill Vaali?’
‘I shall deem Vaali killed if Ram lifts and throws the bones of buffalo (Dundubhi) by his one foot to a length of two bows from here.’

Ram took his challenge comfortably in order to convince him that he is fully capable to carry out his words given to Sugreeva.
Ram stood. Went near the heap of remain of the monster. Lifted it playfully on his single toe and hurled it eight miles away from there. 
In spite of seeing that heap of bones vanished from there without much effort by Ram, Sugreeva was not convinced of his superiority of strength on Vaali.
He said ‘carcass, thrown by my brother was fresh and saturated with blood and flesh. Being so, it was heavier. Now it is light and mere converted into straw in comparison to its former weight which Shri Ram has thrown. Thus it is not possible to ascertain whose strength is superior even till now.’
Sugreeva put another challenge to Ram ’ If Ram   could split one of the seven trees of Sal  with his single arrow , I shall be convinced of the death of Vaali by him.’
Ram took his dreadful bow and an arrow and discharged it aiming at Sal trees with the twangs of his bow. It pierced all the seven huge trees at a time , still the force of arrow was so strong that it entered into pataal tearing  many levels of the earth.

This seized Sugreeva with great surprise. He fell down on the ground with his head touching the feat of shri Ram out of respect.
Now he had no doubt about his unparallel strength. 


Finally Vaali was killed in a dramatic way.
Ram asked Sugreeva to go to Kishkindha immediately and challenge Vaali for a combat. Ram and Laxman both proceeded to Kishkindha with him. Ram stopped near a tree where well shaped free ground was available for a combat. Ram told him that he will hide himself behind a tree when they fight with each other. He will kill Vaali from behind with his arrow during their combat. He should only try to bring Vaali at this point which was near to Rishyamuk.
Following the instruction of Ram, he entered in the boundary of Kishkindha and challenged Vaali from his door, frightfully. Vaali ran after him, hearing his challenge. Sugreeva took him to the place fixed by Ram. Both brothers started fighting with each other. Both had not only tremendous strength but also they resembled as the same.
Ram could not distinguish between the two. He decided to not to take any risk. Sugreeva, finding too much delay in action of Ram, he ran away from there to Rishyamuk as he was badly tired by now.
Ram told him the reason of not using his arrow.
Next day before sending Sugreeva to Vaali, Laxman plucked a part of Gajpushpi creeper and coiled it around his neck as a sign.
Sugreeva went again to Kishkindha and challenged Vaali.  This time Tara, the wife of Vaali, suggested him to not to go after him. Vaali looks to be fully prepared this time. There is some other strength working behind him.
But, Vaali did not stop.
They both started fighting with each –other and at a massive point Ram released his killer arrow from his well known bow from behind which finished the drama of the life of Vaali forever.
Sugreeva was celebrated as the king of Kishkindha again.
His loving wife was back to him.

Life is a tough master. It does not award any mark extra unless one prove himself worthy of it.

Even Ram had to clear some tests to prove his superiority of strength on Vaali.