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RamaayaN by Valmiki -22 The criminal silence of Ram

RamaayaN by Valmik- 22

MadanMohan Tarun

The criminal silence of Ram

A tender creeper was crushed by an elephant which was hoping to wear tender colorful flowers
.Ram rained his ruthless words on Sita in public like thunderbolt and shattered her heart into pieces.
This type of meanest treatment from Ram never came to the mind of Sita before. She saw a nasty and horrifying face of Ram for the first time, which remained hidden all the time.
‘He says I was carried by Ravan in his lap to Lanka …was it my choice?
This is not the man whom I married? This is not Ram whom I knew, this is an ordinary fellow whose mind is closed from all sides and can see nothing beyond him.’
 At the moment she realized this fact, he attitude hardened to Ram.
Now she did not remain a weeping and crying Sita with pain, who tried her best to convince Ram in many words of her purity.
She looked straight into the eyes of Ram with her neck high and her face glowing .She told him-
‘You are always addressing me as daughter of Janak... I am not that... I am the daughter of this earth…
I have grown like mountains… I have flown like fountains… No Ravan can dare to touch me ever…I always carry my volcanoes within me…
However, I now take a decision to end my physical life  just now and here itself in the presence o all of you by burning myself in fire and go back to my mother turning myself  into ashes…’
She looked at Laxman and requested him- ‘brother! You prepare a payer for me…I am ready to ride on flames of fire….’ Laxman was badly shocked to hear such words coming from her mouth... he looked at his brother Ram, but Ram remained unmoved...tuff and empty of any feeling…
Taking Ram’s silence over the will of Sita as affirmative acceptance of what Sita had desired Laxman prepared a payer by arranging dry logs on each- other and lit it with fire.
The payer was ready. Within no time it turned into blazing flames
Sita proceeded towards the payer…
She was looking very different from what all present there had seen her till now.
She was wearing deep red colored saaree .Her face was glowing brightly and she herself looked like the blazing flame of fire in its full order. She was looking stronger than the fire, the payer had produced. All who were standing there were thinking -it is not the fire of payer which is going to burn Sita, but the payer itself is going to be burnt her.
 However, everybody was worried as she was reaching nearer and nearer to the payer. They thought Ram will get up now and will stop Sita, going fast to her, but it did not happen. Ram kept on sitting without a sign of any feeling on his face. Nobody present there approved this cruel attitude of Ram to his wife Sita, but no one dared to open their mouth before him.
However crores of monkeys and bears came nearer and stood surrounding the payer. They all were crying loudly with the feeling of their disapproval to what was happening there.
Sita reached closer to the Payer. She folded   her palms to pay respect to the fire and bowed down and touched her mother earth and put a little of its dust on her head. Her firmness at this time cannot be described in words. Now she was about to enter into the fire of payer …but all at a sudden strong wind started blowing and within no time it turned into horrific typhoon. Deep black colored clouds covered the sky around…trees started falling down…clouds started roaring like thousands of lions together…lightning started touching the fire and it all appeared as if the ending point of this earth has arrived…
But to the surprise of everybody standing there, the fire of payer extinguished .Sita was standing there with her both eyes closed in deep meditation thinking that she was standing in the centre of the burning payer. Her face was looking bright like the sun and she was totally untouched from the fire…
This filled everybody with boundless joy…all monkeys, standing around started shouting with their limitless joy in their sky touching voice…

Many poets or narrators of Ramaayan have tried to give so many excuses in order to cover this murderous and meanest act of Ram to his wife Sita. Even Valmiki has written that the god of fire himself came out of the burning Payer with Sita and convinced Ram of her purity and then Ram accepted her...
Ram himself said in favor of his own protection that if he had accepted Sita without putting her to such test, people must have criticized him for accepting a woman who lived for so many months in the house of Ravan…
What a murderous way of testing chastity of a woman and the way chosen to saving himself from the charges of general public!
Inaction of Ram, while Sita was entering into the blazing fire to kill herself shows that he wanted to get rid of his wife forever by encouraging her to die in this way.
This act of Ram was not different from the incidents published in the News papers of today under which husbands kill their wife in various ways, by pouring kerosene oil and lit her up by fire or pushing her down from the running train or into the well or in other different ways. Ram applied the same way cunningly, by encouraging Sita symbolically to kill herself so that nobody charges him ever for such a criminal act of cruelty.
 History will never excuse Ram for his such heinous act of cruelty to his wife and also it will not accept the silence of great people of that time , like Hanuman, Vibhishan, Sugreeva, Aangad Jamvant and many others including Laxman ,who were present at that moment  of such an act and did not open their mouth against Ram.

                              (Inspired by Valmiki)

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