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RamaayaN by Valmiki -14 Nature sends shadows in advance

RamaayaN by Valmiki - 14

MadanMohan Tarun

Nature sends shadows in advance

We are not other than rivers, mountains, trees, birds, flowers and whatever exit in nature, we are a part of it. If anything happens deep inside the earth or on the sky or anywhere, it reflects within us also.
Nature sends us alerts in advance in symbols for good or bad both.
Nature has its own way of communication.
Ravan could not believe that a bridge can be constructed across the ocean and crores of monkeys and bears have camped behind the boundary – wall of Lanka on the sea beach. It was unprecedented- Ravan thought. When he himself had the view of the army of Ram from the boundary- wall, he was shocked to see such a huge gathering of mighty monkeys and bears there. They looked like black clouds which had covered the whole sky. Many of them were huge like mountains and elephants and appeared highly aggressive.

Hanuman had already shaken the confidence of people of Lanka just a few days back. Only a picture of monkey was sufficient to make them sleepless. When they came to know that a bridge has been thrown over the ocean and crores of mighty monkeys and bears have reached to Lanka they lost the hope of their life any more. They started abusing Ravan for kidnapping Sita.
Several senior ministers had already suggested Ravan to send back Sita with respect to Ram so that Lanka can still be saved, but Ravan rejected the suggestion out rightly and threatened them to kill if at all they talked such foolish things ever again.
Vibhishan had already joined Ram. Some of them also left Lanka silently and joined Ram. Tam not only accepted Vibhishan with open heartedly, but he declared him as a king of Lanka after Ravan is killed by him.
Ram visited his army and spoke to Laxman-‘brother! I can read the indications of nature. There is imminent sign of destruction at a large level.
Eminent heroes among ogres, monkeys and bears are going to be killed. See, winds are blowing with dust, earth is shaking very frequently .Black clouds have covered he whole sky. They look like carnivorous animals and emitting harsh sounds. There are some drops of blood mixed in the water coming out from the clouds. The evening twilight resembles red sandalwood in color and appears horrific. Blazing sun is raining mass of fire. Animals and birds are crying with pain, raising their heads towards the sky. Moon is radiating heat. There is blue spot in the centre of the sun. The circle of sun appears dry, inauspicious and red like blood. Crows and hawks are taking round of the sky and producing horrific sound as if the end of the world has arrived’
He asked his brother to keep the army ready and divide it into battalions.

Inspired by Valmiki

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  1. nature ka hi chhota ansh hai hamara astitva, nature parivartan se poorv sanket deti hai ,jo samvedansheel hai samajh pate hai.