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RamaayaN by Valmiki -26 Ram-Raajya

RamaayaN by Valmiki 26

MadanMohan Tarun

Ram – Raajya

Ram provided value oriented, impartial and rightful administration to his people.
As a king he was symbol of uncompromising righteousness and high values.
He was a hardcore and ruthless disciplinarian.
He cared only welfare of his people.
In spite of all his toughness he was more a democrat than a traditional king.
He made his three brothers in charge of different ministry independently.
He never questioned their any action and they never took any major decision without asking him.
Ram knew the blood of his brothers and had full faith in them. .
His state was thoroughly crime free.
Nobody dared to go against rules.
No case of any theft was ever reported in his empire.
People were rich and happy and they never closed their doors and slept comfortably at night.
His agricultural system was so perfect that people never faced any famine.
Trees were healthy and provided thick shadow and healthy fruits to people.
Rivers never suffered from the scarcity of water.
Medical treatment was made available to everybody.
Not only men and women but animals and birds also enjoyed happy life.
Independence of people was never interfered till they did not play smart against rules.
There was developed education system. Education was made available to each and every citizen.
No one was uneducated in his whole empire.
Temples were well cared and scholars had high place in society.
People were free to worship their gods, be it Vishnu, Shiva, rivers, Sun or moon.
Brahmins, Kshtriyas, Vaishy and Shudras followed their duties with full dedication.
Cultural traditions like music, dancing, dramas and other forms of arts were encouraged to maintain their high standard.
Poets, writers, scholars and saints had high respectability in the society.
Information system of the state was well netted.
King Ram was updated every day about good or bad took place in twenty four hours all around his kingdom.
Actions were never delayed.
Ram Raajya was known as the highest value oriented example of statehood.

               (Inspired by Valmiki)

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RamaayaN by Valmiki- 25 Brother! take care of your empire now,Bharat said

RamaayaN by Valmiki 25

MadanMohan Tarun

Brother! take care of your empire now, Bharat said

In no time the news of Ram on the way to Ayodhya covered all directions around. Whosoever  heard this, ran to Ayodhya. Residents of Ayodhya came out from their houses and started confirming the news from each-other. Ayodhya was filled with flood of joy when Shatrughna announced the same. All hearts turned into thrilling waves and dim eyes started glittering with new hope.
Whole Ayodhya and all its habitations were waiting for the return of Ram, right from the day he was sent on exile unjustly.
People painted their houses to give fresh and shining look and they decorated their doors with variety of flowers.
Roads were cleaned and it was ensured that no dust or dirt is left anywhere.
Temples were painted and decorated in the best possible way. Recitation of mantras and sound of hundreds of conches echoed the sky.
Great singers and musicians and dancers came to greet Ram.
Finally the most awaited moment arrived.
The huge Pushpak Vimaan landed  with thunderous sound and sending shivers to all trees around.
Everyone wanted to see Ram first. They ran and surrounded the Vimaan from all sides.
The upper door of vimaan opened and all eyes hanged there without any movement in their eyelids.
 And there...there...  the tall and mildly black colored Ram appeared like the sun of early morning after the dark night was over. He was followed by charming Sita and mighty Laxman who never left Ram alone in any condition. His love and dedication for his brother left no heights untouched.

Bharat ji ran fast to his brother and hugged him tightly. His eyes were blowing tears without any break and he had become wordless.
Ram took him in his long arms warmly and placed his lips on his head with boundless love and affection .
This great meeting of two brothers filled every heart with deep emotions and every one enjoyed this rare scene with their eyes of hearts .
In the mean time people saw with surprise,  a huge number of monkeys, apes and bears coming out of the Vimaan with glorious Hanuman, mighty Sugreeva, Angagad, Jamvant and Vibhishan, the king of Lanka.
Ram introduced them all respectfully to the people present there.
Ram narrated the whole story and happenings which took place during his exile.
It was eventful. Sita was abducted by Ravan. His meeting with Sugreeva, killing of Vali and coronation of Sugreeva as the king of monkeys , the great jump of Hanuman across the ocean, his meeting with Sita and burning the whole Lanka of Ravan .construction of the bridge by great engineer Neel across the ocean  with the help of mighty army of Sugreeva and crossing
The ocean and finally killing Ravan with his whole mighty army and placement of great Vibhishan as king of Lanka and back to the other side of the ocean with Sita.
People heard every word of Ram with their eyes widely opened with surprise and at the end they welcomed all in same voice and shouted loudly...Jai shri Ram…Jai mother  Sita … Jai brother  Laxman … which echoed the sky.
Shtrughna came and touched the feet of his elder brother, Sita and Laxman. They all received him warmly. Shatrughna invited the whole army of monkeys in the palace which was kept ready for them.
Bharat took all the three with him to the palace where his mothers waited for him.
Ram met Kaikeyee first and touched her feet. Then met Sumitra, mother of Laxman and Shtrughna and finally he met his own mother Kauslya…it was a rare scene charged with deep emotions.
In the mean time Bharat brought wooden sandal of Shri Ram carrying on his head and placed before him and said – ‘Brother! I have repented for all the fourteen years for what my mother did to you and my father. Father lost his life, you suffered so much and Sita faced so many troubles for her no fault .It all happened only because of me and my mother. The history will take me as a black spot on the race of glorious Raghu and my mother will always be quoted as a bad example among women. Brother! I am a sinner, who cannot be excused. However, I have not brought down the glory of great throne which my father left vacant and you left for jungle. The sandal kept near you is not an ordinary one. This is the same sandal of yours which I begged from you in the jungle. I placed it on your throne in your absence and gave my service to the people of your empire sitting and sleeping on the ground in your absence. Now you are back, kindly take care of your kingdom and release me from this burden. I shall always be in your service.’
Whosoever heard these emotion packed words of Bharat, coming from the depth of his heart had no words to praise for  his being a symbol of highest order of human values.
Ram kept his palm on Bharat’s head mldy and accepted his offer.
Now preparations of his coronation started.
Barber gently cut his matted hairs and gave it a proper shape. He took bath with pious water brought from all directions, from the pious rives and oceans. Brahmins recited mantras loudly and clearly and they put tilak on his forehead as the new king of Ayodhya.
This great moment was watched by all with great enthusiasm and glitter of new hopes in their eyes.
Ram was the king of Ayodhya now. He went  to his mothers with Sita and touched their feet and took their blessings.
He met each and every soldier of the army of Sugreeva and expressed his gratitude to them for their unparallel contribution in the war of Lanka and offered them precious gifts.
He met Hanuman and hugged him with love and told him that he will always be in his heart. Hanuman stood before him with his folded palms and head down in respect.
He met Sugreeva with all his respect and requested him to go back to his place, meet his family and take care of his kingdom.
He met Vibhishan, the king of Lanka and thanked him for what he did for him.
He sent them all to their respective places paying heartiest respect to all.
The Pushpak Viman opened it's feathers and started flying in the air.
They all kept it watching till it became invisible to the eyes.

               (inspired by Valmiki)

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RamaayaN by Valmiki -24 Hanuman ! read mind of Bharat

RamaayaN by Valmiki 24
MadanMohan Tarun
Hanuman! Read the mind of Bharat and tell me

Ram was not sure how Bharat will react to his back to Ayodhya. He called Hanuman and opened his heart before him. He said- ‘Hanuman, you are wise and brilliant in reading others mind. My brother Bharat has ruled Ayodhya for all the fourteen years, I was on exile. He has enjoyed boundless power and authority during these days. This is the human nature that one who has tasted power once, does not wish to lose it ever. Apart from this fact he lives there with his over ambitious mother Kaikeyee. I am not sure how Bharat will react to my presence in Ayodhya. Before I leave for Ayodhya from here I want to be sure of everything. I request you to go to Ayodhya and read his mind and tell me. Face is the most dependable mirror to see the reflections of one’s mind and heart. You shall be able to read and analyze invisible feelings and thinking running through his face while talking to you.
 ‘When you meet him, give him full details from the abduction of Sita to killing of Ravan and installation of Vibhishan as the king of Lanka. Also tell him how I killed Vali, elder brother of Sugreeva who denied rights of Sugreeva. Also tell him that I have not come back here only with my wife and Laxman, but I am accompanied with the whole mighty army of Sugreeva, which changed the fate of Lanka.’
‘In case you find Bharat does not want me back to Ayodhya, tell him that I will go back to jungle again without any bad feeling.’
‘While going to Ayodhya, you meet my friend Guh, who lives in Shringverpur, and rules his kingdom. He will be happy to know that I am back and he will guide you to the way to Ayodhya.’
‘I will wait here till I get full information about Bharat and his empire.’
Mighty and wise Hanuman left for Ayodhya without any delay. He met Guh on the way, who welcomed him heartily knowing him so close to Ram. He guided Hanuman to Ayodhya and told him where Bharat lives. Hanuman took his permission and left immediately.
Hanuman reached to Nandi gram, where Bharat lived as a yogi. Nandi gram was two kilometers away from Ayodhya. Hanuman was shocked to see Bharat who looked more like a yogi than a king. He was wearing skin of black dear around his waist; his hairs were matted, he looked weak and thin; he slept on the earth. He worshiped wooden sandal of Ram, placing it on a throne.
After watching him for some time, Hanuman appeared before him and introduced himself as a messenger from Ram.
Bharat was shocked to see a monkey standing before him and claiming himself as a messenger of his brother Ram. He remained wordless for a while then spoke- ‘monkeys are notorious beings. They play lot of fun with people. I am already leading a painful life separated from my brother Ram. Why have you come here to make fun of me? How a monkey can be a messenger of a man?’
Hearing this Hanuman started narrating the whole story as he had heard from Ram. He told Bharat what had happened to Ram in Ayodhya before he left for exile with his brother Laxman and wife Sita. He also gave full details of what had happened with Ram in jungle , how Sita was abducted and how Ravan was killed. Hanuman spoke fluently in error free, chaste Sanskrit with each word pronounced perfectly.
Now Bharat was fully assured of his genuineness and he hugged him tightly .He was excited and emotions. His throat was chocked and his eyes were full of tears... He welcomed Hanuman and offered him a proper seat with full respect and poured down his whole heart before him -‘I have been waiting for my brother Ram to come back from the day I came to know of his exile. Laxman was lucky to be always with him but I was not so fortunate. I always repented for what my mother Kaikeyee did to him. Tell me where is he and when is he coming back. He has already completed his fourteen years of exile. Everybody in Ayodhya, including me is waiting for him. I will hand over the kingdom immediately to him and will be free from the sin, my mother has committed.’
Hanuman told him that he is already on the way to Ayodhya after completing his 14 eventful years of exile and presently he is in the hermitage of rishi Bharadwaj to pay his regards to him and will come to Ayodhya soon as I reach back to him.
Bharat was so much thrilled with joy to know about his brother that he announced a gift of hundred milk- giving cows, several villages and sixteen virgin girls with precious jewel, as wife to Hanuman.
Hanuman gave a smile and respectfully told to the king - ‘I am just an ordinary monkey. What will I do with all these things?’ He thanked Bharat and requested for his permission to leave Ayodya for Prayag. Bharat himself was ready to go with him but Hanuman assured him that Ram will come here soon. Bharat made an arrangement of a fast going chariot for Hanuman but Hanuman told him that he can reach faster to Prayag without a chariot.
He bowed his head before Bharat in respect and left back for Prayag.

                                     (Inspired by Valmiki)

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Ramaayan by Valmiki -23 Towards Ayodhya

Ramaayan by Valmiki 23

MadanMohan Tarun

Towards Ayodhya

Fourteen years of exile of Ram was completed.
Ram decided to return back to Ayodhya. He expressed his desire before Vibhishan, Vibhishan requested him to stay in Lanka for some more time and give him opportunity to serve him. Ram welcomed his good will and told him that his brother Bharat and his mothers must be counting days for his arrival there. Now he cannot stay anymore here, that too reaching to Ayodhya will take months together as the way passing through jungles and mountains are not so easy.
Vbhishan told him that he will reach him Ayodhya within a day by his aerial car Pushpak, occupied by his brother Ravan from Kuber.
Before leaving for Ayodhya Ram met Sugreeva and Hanuman and told them about his desire to leave. It made them all sad. They all had become so close to him during these days that they had forgotten that a day will come when Ram will go back to Ayodhya.
Ram met all other monkeys, apes and bears of Sugreev’s mighty army who had given their best to win this war. He thanked them all heartily. He requested Vibhishan to give best of presents as a token of his love and gratitude to each of them   Presents make friendship deeper. Vibhishan did so without any delay. This pleased them all and they shouted loudly with joy and expressed their feelings of satisfaction, but, no one was ready to let Ram go back from there. They expressed either Ram should stay here with them or they all will go with him to Ayodhya. They all assured him to come back after they had participated in his crown ceremony. They desire to be a part of this most awaited function.
Vibhishan told Ram that the Pushpak is so huge and powerful that it can accommodate all in it and fly without any difficulty... Ram agreed to their proposal. This circulated boundless pleasure among all.
Vibhishan brought Pushpak there. All saw this huge swan shaped aerial van with surprise. It was made of pure gold and was decorated with unique jewels. Ram sat on the upper part of it with his wife Sita and brother Laxman. After him all accommodated themselves comfortably and the great van took its flight, carrying all of them, producing tremendous sound. When it took off from the earth, all trees of nearby jungle shivered badly. Gradually it went higher and higher and started flying fast. Now all were enjoying the aerial view of the earth .Trees, rivers and the ocean were looking like pictures in smaller size. It was passing through all the places of importance like memory of past passes through the mind... Ram was giving full description of those places to Sita -
‘This is the place where I killed Kumbhkarna...and here I killed Ravan… here Hanuman killed Dhumraakchha and this is the place where mighty Meghanaad was killed by Laxman…this is the place where Kumbh and Nikumbh, two mighty sons were killed … here Mandodari, wife of Ravan, surrounded by thousands of other women abducted by Ravan from place to place wept…and this is the ocean which was crossed  Hanuman with his gallant  leap which can never ever be repeated again… and this is the bridge over the ocean constructed under the guidance of Neel , the great engineer of the army of mighty Sugreeva. I named this bridge as ‘Neel – Setu’ in his respect.
While narrating so many memorable moments to Sita during the war, Ram told Vibhishan to stop at Prayag. He would pay his respect to great saint Bhardwas before entering into the territory of Ayodhya. Vibhishan landed the flying car at Prayag. Maharshi Bharadwas welcomed them all with great pleasure.

                                          ( Inspired by Valmiki)

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RamaayaN by Valmiki -22 The criminal silence of Ram

RamaayaN by Valmik- 22

MadanMohan Tarun

The criminal silence of Ram

A tender creeper was crushed by an elephant which was hoping to wear tender colorful flowers
.Ram rained his ruthless words on Sita in public like thunderbolt and shattered her heart into pieces.
This type of meanest treatment from Ram never came to the mind of Sita before. She saw a nasty and horrifying face of Ram for the first time, which remained hidden all the time.
‘He says I was carried by Ravan in his lap to Lanka …was it my choice?
This is not the man whom I married? This is not Ram whom I knew, this is an ordinary fellow whose mind is closed from all sides and can see nothing beyond him.’
 At the moment she realized this fact, he attitude hardened to Ram.
Now she did not remain a weeping and crying Sita with pain, who tried her best to convince Ram in many words of her purity.
She looked straight into the eyes of Ram with her neck high and her face glowing .She told him-
‘You are always addressing me as daughter of Janak... I am not that... I am the daughter of this earth…
I have grown like mountains… I have flown like fountains… No Ravan can dare to touch me ever…I always carry my volcanoes within me…
However, I now take a decision to end my physical life  just now and here itself in the presence o all of you by burning myself in fire and go back to my mother turning myself  into ashes…’
She looked at Laxman and requested him- ‘brother! You prepare a payer for me…I am ready to ride on flames of fire….’ Laxman was badly shocked to hear such words coming from her mouth... he looked at his brother Ram, but Ram remained unmoved...tuff and empty of any feeling…
Taking Ram’s silence over the will of Sita as affirmative acceptance of what Sita had desired Laxman prepared a payer by arranging dry logs on each- other and lit it with fire.
The payer was ready. Within no time it turned into blazing flames
Sita proceeded towards the payer…
She was looking very different from what all present there had seen her till now.
She was wearing deep red colored saaree .Her face was glowing brightly and she herself looked like the blazing flame of fire in its full order. She was looking stronger than the fire, the payer had produced. All who were standing there were thinking -it is not the fire of payer which is going to burn Sita, but the payer itself is going to be burnt her.
 However, everybody was worried as she was reaching nearer and nearer to the payer. They thought Ram will get up now and will stop Sita, going fast to her, but it did not happen. Ram kept on sitting without a sign of any feeling on his face. Nobody present there approved this cruel attitude of Ram to his wife Sita, but no one dared to open their mouth before him.
However crores of monkeys and bears came nearer and stood surrounding the payer. They all were crying loudly with the feeling of their disapproval to what was happening there.
Sita reached closer to the Payer. She folded   her palms to pay respect to the fire and bowed down and touched her mother earth and put a little of its dust on her head. Her firmness at this time cannot be described in words. Now she was about to enter into the fire of payer …but all at a sudden strong wind started blowing and within no time it turned into horrific typhoon. Deep black colored clouds covered the sky around…trees started falling down…clouds started roaring like thousands of lions together…lightning started touching the fire and it all appeared as if the ending point of this earth has arrived…
But to the surprise of everybody standing there, the fire of payer extinguished .Sita was standing there with her both eyes closed in deep meditation thinking that she was standing in the centre of the burning payer. Her face was looking bright like the sun and she was totally untouched from the fire…
This filled everybody with boundless joy…all monkeys, standing around started shouting with their limitless joy in their sky touching voice…

Many poets or narrators of Ramaayan have tried to give so many excuses in order to cover this murderous and meanest act of Ram to his wife Sita. Even Valmiki has written that the god of fire himself came out of the burning Payer with Sita and convinced Ram of her purity and then Ram accepted her...
Ram himself said in favor of his own protection that if he had accepted Sita without putting her to such test, people must have criticized him for accepting a woman who lived for so many months in the house of Ravan…
What a murderous way of testing chastity of a woman and the way chosen to saving himself from the charges of general public!
Inaction of Ram, while Sita was entering into the blazing fire to kill herself shows that he wanted to get rid of his wife forever by encouraging her to die in this way.
This act of Ram was not different from the incidents published in the News papers of today under which husbands kill their wife in various ways, by pouring kerosene oil and lit her up by fire or pushing her down from the running train or into the well or in other different ways. Ram applied the same way cunningly, by encouraging Sita symbolically to kill herself so that nobody charges him ever for such a criminal act of cruelty.
 History will never excuse Ram for his such heinous act of cruelty to his wife and also it will not accept the silence of great people of that time , like Hanuman, Vibhishan, Sugreeva, Aangad Jamvant and many others including Laxman ,who were present at that moment  of such an act and did not open their mouth against Ram.

                              (Inspired by Valmiki)

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RamaayaN by Valmiki -21 Sita ! You are free to go anywhere from my side

RamaayaN by valmiki 21

MadanMohan Tarun

‘Sita! you are free to go anywhere from my side’

Sita covered the shortest distance between herself and Ram heavy heartedly and with many questions and doubts in her mind. She was not comfortable at heart ,feeling there was something wrong around her. Days have passed after the war was over and Ravan was killed …but she has not seen her husband even once till now… She was being taken by Vibhishan to her husband now…

When she reached to Ram, she kept on watching his face which she was missing for months...she could not believe that she was standing before her husband…it gave her boundless satisfaction and filled her with immense joy… she felt released of all her mental fatigues and the trauma she was passing through …
But this feeling did not continue longer. What of welcoming her, Ram did not care her presence before him at all. He, rather, gave a nasty and sore look at her and spoke harshly –
‘O Sita, you stand here before me as I have won you back from my enemy after defeating him on the field of battle. I have regained the prestige of Raghu- linage which was wiped out all at once by your abduction. I have killed Ravan who dared to do so and I have proved my manliness. A man who does not take avenge of his insult is worthless. Crossing the ocean by celebrated Hanuman and causing unimaginable devastation to Lanka alone has borne fruit today. The exertion of Sugreeva and his mighty and dedicated army has got its great result. Exertion of Vibhishan, younger brother of Ravan, who left him and joined me for the sake of supporting a great and genuine cause, has proved worthy of his exemplary character.’
‘I have done what a man revenging an insult should have done. I have redeemed my honor.’
Words of Ram went harsher and harsher to Sita without paying any attention to her – ‘let it be known to you that this war was not taken by me for your sake. It was done by me to clear my good name which was vindicated and the stigma attached to my illustrious parentage, belong to. I am now a free soul from all these charges.’
‘No man born in a noble family will accept a woman like you who has stayed in the house of a notorious man like Ravan. He carried you away from Panchvati in his lap. I cannot believe that he has spared you clean. I cannot touch a body which is already enjoyed by someone else other than me.’
He waited a while and spoke-‘If you wish, you can take protection of Laxman or Bharat or Shatrughna or even Vibhishan for the rest of your life, if they allow you to do so.’

Sita was kept on standing stunned all the time. Her eyes remained wide open like a female dear which was pierced by sharp arrows when she was thinking herself protected from all sides. Every word pierced into her heart which was mercilessly released by Ram. She was crying from within but no words were coming out from her mouth. Her eyes were flowing tears continuously. Sita was standing shaken among crores of monkeys and bears having nothing to cover her shame…

                      ( Inspired by Valmiki

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RamaayaN by Valmiki -20 Let Sita come walking to me

RamaayaN by Valmiki 20

MadanMohan Tarun

Let   Sita   come  walking to   me  

After meeting Sita in  Ashok -Vatika, Hnuman came back to Ram and requested him to go to Sita  and meet her soon. He told him that goddess – like Sita is deeply stricken with grief.’ Having heard of your victory in war, she longs to see you soon. She told me with her eyes dimmed with tears ‘I desire to see my husband soon.’ Hearing this from Hanuman, eyes of Ram filled with tears and he drew a deep audible breathe and spoke to Vibhishan casting his eyes on ground, ‘Bring Sita here after she has taken bath and adorned with cosmetics and jewels. You go to her without any delay.’
Following his words, Vibhishan left for Ashok- Vatika immediately to convey the desire of Ram to Sita.
Sita replied to Vibhishan ‘I want to see my husband immediately without taking bath.’ However, she agreed to prepare herself according to desire of Ram, on further request of Vibhishan. Vibhishan had taken some women with him who took Sita to a proper place with all facilities available there. Sita washed her hairs and took bath for the first time after she was abducted by Ravan. She was prepared by those ladies with costly robes and valuable ornaments.
She sat in the well decorated palanquin, covered with attractive colored clothes from all sides, arranged by Vibhishan for her. As the palanquin careers started, she was protected from all sides by mighty ogres. The palanquin was kept at some distance, from the place Ram was sitting.
Vibhishan went to Ram and informed him ‘Sita has arrived here.’ Ram heard this but did not response to his words for a while. He looked to be in meditative gesture. After a few moments he opened his eyes but did not show any eagerness to meet or love for Sita. He coldly spoke to Vibhishan to tell Sita to meet him.
By that time, huge number of monkeys and bears had assembled there out of curiosity to see Sita. There was no place to move comfortably. On order of Vibhishan, his soldiers started dispersing monkeys from there to make sufficient place to bring Sita in palanquin from where she was waiting to meet Ram. The action of dispersing monkeys created sky touching uproar which attracted the attention of Ram. He immediately stopped soldiers from doing so and said –‘all those who are here are my own people. They need not be moved from here.’ He looked at Vibhishan and spoke to him-‘remember, apartments, costumes or protective walls don’t constitute a veil for a women. Only her character is her shield. The appearance of women in public is not condemned in times of adversities or during selection of her husband or at a place of sacrificial performance. Now, when I am here she needs no veil while coming over here. Ram stopped for a moment and told to Vibhishan  firmly ‘ LET  SITA  COME  TO  ME  ON  HER  FOOT  ALONE.’
This ruthless attitude of Ram shocked everybody present there. Laxman, sugreeva as well as greatest among monkeys, Hanuman also did not appreciate it .They felt greatly distressed. But they remained silent marking tuff form and gestures of Ram lacking any regard for his wife Sita.
Following words of Ram, communicated by Vibhishan, Sita started walking following Vibhishan.
She was shrinking into her limbs out of modesty while she was approaching to her husband through huge rush of monkeys sitting and standing around.

                             (Inspired by Valmiki)

RamaayaN by Valmiki -19 Cold response to Sita from Ram

RamaayaN by Valmiki 19

MadanMohan Tarun

Cold response to Sita from Ram

After the war was over and Ravan was killed, Sita was the only point of focus to everyone.
They thought the most emotional moment has arrived. Ram will not wait anywhere, he will go to Sita , meet her and bring her  back with him, for whom he has been passing his days and nights restlessly and remembering her every moment for months together. For whom the war took place, killing many from the both sides. But, everyone was shocked to see that Ram remained cold and emotionless all the while and did not show any desire to go to her.
He took more interest in installation of Vibhishan as a king of Lanka.
After all the rituals of Vibhishan’s installations were completed, he went to Hanuman and requested him –‘O wise and eloquent Hanuman! No one else can communicate better than you. I request you to go to Sita who was captivated in Ashok- Vatika by Ravan .Tell her that the war is over and Ravan is killed. Tell her that we are doing well, how is she? And come back to me.’
Hanuman and all, who so ever heard such a formal and brief message for Sita fom Ram, was shocked. But no one spoke anything.
Hanuman left for Ashok- vatika and within no time he was there. He saw Sita sitting under a tree, sad and depressed. She was wearing the same dirty and torn sari, what she was wearing when he had come here a few weeks back. Her face was shadowed with worries and pain.
Hanuman went before her with his head down and hands folded in respect to her. When she saw Hanuman standing before her, a dim smile ran through her dry lips. She asked impatiently ‘How is shri Ram? What happened in war?’ Hanuman told her – ‘o goddess like great Sita!  War is over. Ravan is killed and now gallant Vibhishan is the king of Lanka. Ram is doing well with all. He has sent me to know about how are you?’
Hearing this, eyes of Sita filled with tears and she became wordless and kept on looking at the horizon for a while. Hanuman waited a while, watching her and asked – ‘what happened?’ Sita said ‘nothing. I was always worried for Ram. This news has given me immense pleasure that Ravan is killed and Ram is well with all. I have desired nothing other than the happiness and success of shri Ram ever.’
Hanuman assured her that she will be soon with Ram and took her permission and returned from there, heavy heartedly.
Sita kept on watching the back of returning back Hanuman with her tearful eyes and heavy heartedly.

                       ( Inspired by Valmiki)

Sunday, August 5, 2012

RamaayaN by valmiki -18 Finally the war ended

RamaayaN by Valmiki

MadanMohan Tarun

Finally the war ended

Ram ordered his army to attack on Lanka after all his attempts failed to stop the ruinous
It was a war between the two different concepts of life.
It was a war to recover and reestablish higher values and virtues which were compromised out of personal whims of a monstrous mind.
It was a war to establish a society where nobody was slave to anybody. And every individual was free to lead a respectable life with his head high in the society respecting others way of life.
It was a war against Ravanness under which everything was taken as a thing granted to be utilsed in any way, at any time, including men and women both. They survived at the pleasure of the ruler.
It was a war against a monstrous establishment which was dominated by the rapists, murderers and egoists.
 It was a war against those who had turned the earth into a jungle ruled by carnivorous animals free to move in any way and do anything as per their whims by virtue of their being the rulers, chosen and appointed by them. Here the full sky was occupied by vultures. Birds with multicolored feathers had no place to spread their feathers freely and sing their songs. The earth was unable to allow flowers of tender feelings to bloom with their natural fragrance.
It was a war which gave expression to hidden powers of common people in the forms of monkeys and bears who sufficed the anarchical rule of Ravan under the leadership of Ram who was a rare combination of tolerance and aggression both, who had a body of rock and soul of flowers and a determined mind open to allow fresh wind from all sides. He generated high feeling of self respect and boundless enthusiasm to do something new in this life among all his followers out of which they constructed a bridge over the ocean, Hanuman took a flying jump from Lanka to Kailas to bring Sanjivani to save Laxman, who was on the verge of death after Meghnaad applied his killer missile on him.  Hanuman carried a huge part of mountain on his palm to Lanka with his flying speed.
Finally the war ended. Kumbhakarna, Meghanaad and many other great heroes with boundless abilities and capacities were killed, for, they were supporting a side which had no support of virtuous base to stand for.
Ravan would have been registered by the history as a great warrior, a scholar of a high nobility and a poet of great genius to produce an unequal poem like ‘Shivatandava’ .but he turned to be a virtue less hollow personality . He made himself known as destructor not a protector, as an abductor of women, a rapist and an anarchist and a virtue less fellow. Finally he was killed as an ordinary animal.
The rule of Lanka was replaced by Vibhishan who revolted against Ravanness and took the side of powers against the dominance of evils.

                         ( Inspired by Valmiki)

Saturday, August 4, 2012

RamaayaN by Valmiki -17 Last attempt from Ram to stop the war

RamaayaN by Valmiki 17

MadanMohan Tarun

Last attempt from Ram to stop the war

Army of Ram took position,early in the morning at all the crucial points to attack on Lanka.
Mighty monkey - soldiers and bears from different battalions, under the wise and experienced, control of their  commanders, were eagerly waiting for their order to march ahead and attack on Lanka.
However Ram was worried. He knew that the end of the war will bring heavy loss of life from both sides and some races may be extinguished forever. He felt like giving last trial from his side to stop the war.
Ram discussed the same with Laxman, Vibhishan, Sugreeva, Hanuman and some other senior members, but none of them had any hope of success, however, they agreed to send the message to Ravan and see what happens.
Ram chose Angad, the youngest among all, but famous for his courage, strength and enthusiasm, to convey his message to Ravan. He told him-‘o mighty Angad! Ravan is left with no any other option than to die now. I am aware of what destruction this war is going to cause. I still want to save mighty warriors from its effects, if Ravan agrees to return Sita to me. You take a leap and enter into Lanka fearlessly and convey my message to him like this- o Ravan, the meanest among all monsters! You have committed unpardonable crime against the Gods, Saints, Gandharvas, Apsaras, Nagas, Yakshas and all who believe in virtues and higher values. The time of the final judgment against you has arrived. I, Ram, the ruler has arrived here to punish you. You have pained me deeply by abducting my wife Sita in my absence deceitfully. If you don’t come to me taking Sita with you respectfully, I will suffice you all forever and no any trace of ogres race will be left on the earth any more..It is my suggestion that better you finish your last rituals now only otherwise nobody will be left to perform  the same for you. High -soul Vibhishan will be the king of Lanka after I kill you. O monster! Follow the religion of brave people and fight with me. You will be rescued from your sinful body. O Ravan, the meanest among monsters! there is no any power on the earth or heaven to save you from me. Even if you try to fly like a bird to hide yourself, you will not be spared from my arrows in any lokas.’
Mighty Angad kept every word of Ram in his mind, bowed his head before him and took a strong leap. He was now standing in front of Ravan. He saw him for the first time. He was having some serious discussion with his senior ministers. Angad went closer to him. Saluted him and introduced himself as son of well known Vaali and messenger of shri Ram. He fearlessly conveyed his message word by word with the same feeling and intensity to Ravan as Ram had delivered to him. This made Ravan furious. He asked his soldiers to catch the monkey and kill him immediately. His four strongest possible soldiers forwarded to Angad and they took him tightly in their arms. Angad took a strong jump upwards, carrying them all and left them lose to fall free from above. Angad took further jump and reached at the top of the castle of Ravan. He hit the floor of the main castle so hard with his feet that a huge part of it fell down. Ravan and his ministers saved themselves by running out fast.
Angad created a crackling sound of victory and jumped back to shri Ram as he had come here.
Angad was the addition after Hanuman and Sugreev’s dreadful deeds.
This filled Ravan with fear and he realized that his death is not far away, but he controlled his feelings cleverly.

                              (Inspired by Valmiki)

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RamaayaN by Valmiki -16 sugreeva Punished Ravan

RamaayaN by Valmiki – 16

MadanMohan Tarun

Sugreeva Punished Ravan

It was the previous evening of the day; the unprecedented battle was going to start. The red sky looked like huge feathers of a hungry vulture. All directions were full of inauspicious signs and cries of birds and animals. Even tree looked dead and dry.
Ram climbed on the Peak of Subail Mountain with Sugreeva and some other important monkey –commanders. Lanka was situated on the Peak of Trikut Mountain and it was fully visible from there. It was a well organized and a beautiful city with sky touching buildings. They saw Ravan sitting on the roof of his castle.  He was wearing red clothes as if soaked in blood. He was black in color like a thick and huge peace of cloud. His charming maids were fanning him from around and some of his ministers were also sitting near him. He appeared to be discussing something, enjoying tasty eatables and drinks.
Sugreeva, who was standing near Ram, could not tolerate his presence before his eyes. Suddenly he took an unbelievable jump before Ram could see him. Now he was standing very close to Ravan. Ravan was perplexed to see someone appearing from the sky and was standing before him now. Sugreeva looked at him with his burning eyes for a while and jumped on him. Ravan was wearing ten shining crowns on his heads. Sugreeva took out four of them and threw on the ground. He introduced himself as Sugreeva, a friend and servant of Ram .’O abductor of Sita, wife of shri Ram, I have come here to punish you for  your such a meanest behavior . I will inish your story by killing you. Now.’ Angry Sugreeva roared like a loin and he lifted Ravan up  on his two mighty arms and encircled him fast  several times in the air and threw him down on the ground. It all happened so fast that Ravan could not know what was happening to him for a while.  But when he realized that a huge monkey was there before him, he shivered thinking  that same monkey has  returned back who turned Lanka into ashes a week back! In the mean time Sugreeva gave him one more hard hit and Ravan almost fainted. When he came back to senses both involved in violent wrestling with each – other. Ravan realized that he is going to be killed by the, determined and extra ordinarily mighty monkey. he thought of killing him by applying mesmerism on him. Sugreeva read his mind. He gave a final hard hiton his face. Ravan  lost his sight for a while and  could not decide what to do now, in the mean moments ,Sugreeva jumped back to Ram.
All the while, till Sugreeva returned back, Ram was extremely worried for him. He was happy to see him back but he did not approve his action. He said to Sugreeva ‘I had decided to kill Ravan immediately if something had happened to you and appoint Vibhishan as the king of Lanka and kill myself by taking poison.’
Sugeeva begged his pardon with his head down and told him ‘I could not wear to see Ravan alive sitting before me . I decided to punish him for abducting Sita , your wife..He has no right to live any more now.’
Ram kept his large arms on his shoulders mildly and hugged him tightly with love and respect.

                                      ( Inspired by Valmiki)

RamaayaN by Valmiki 15 Ravan could not rape Sita

 RamaayaN by Valmiki 15

MadanMohan Tarun

Ravan could not rape Sita

Nears and dears and  ministers offered their suggestions to Ravan  according to their own  vision and understanding.
 Charming Mandodari, wife of Ravan, suggested him again and again to send back Sita to Ram  to save Lanka from further disaster ,but he disapproved it , for, he had already covered a long distance and it was not possible for him to return back from there.
Vibhishan warned Ravan against his rule of sin and evil ,frankly. He was the first to revolt against Ravanness and join Ram when he found it impossible to change Ravan to follow the path of virtue.
After the Kumbhakarn was awaken from his half sleep and he came to know about his unwise deed, he criticized his brother and told him that Ram is not an ordinary warrior. It is not possible to defeat him in any battle. Ravan was annoyed by this analysis. However, finding it impossible now to stop the battle between the two, Kumbhakarn agreed to do his best in his favor.
Mahaapaarshwa applied monstrous skill to guide Ravan. He encouraged him to apply physical force on Sita and rape her as a cock. He said, someone who goes into a jungle full of honey and prey worthy animals and does not enjoy them cannot be praised. He has abducted Sita not to preserve her intact in Lanka. He has abducted her to enjoy her beauty and bed with her. If she does not agree to cooperate him, she should be enjoyed forcefully. If she is raped once, she will lose her chastity forever and lose her confidence resulting in her surrender to him forever. Ram will not accept such Sita and he will return back without a battle.
Ravan expressed his inability to do so. He disclosed a fact before Mahaparshwa –‘once a most attractive celestial Nymph, Punjikasthala was going to meet Lord Brahma. When I saw her I could not stop myself. She prayed me again and again to spare her before she comes back from the lord but I stripped her garments and raped her. When she reached to Lord Brahma, he was shocked to know everything from her. He announced curse on me immediately that if ever I tried to attempt sex on any woman without her willingness, my head will split into   hundreds of pieces.’ Thus I am waiting for her surrender to me willingly.’
He said further ‘I will kill Ram easily in the battle. He is roaming from jungle to jungle with his younger brother Laxman without sufficient food , water  and rest. Both of them must have become so weak that killing of them will never be a problem. Abduction of his wife must  have made him morally down and more vulnerable. If Ram is killed, Sita will become mine forever.’

( Inspired by RamaayaN)