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RamaayaN by Valmiki -19 Cold response to Sita from Ram

RamaayaN by Valmiki 19

MadanMohan Tarun

Cold response to Sita from Ram

After the war was over and Ravan was killed, Sita was the only point of focus to everyone.
They thought the most emotional moment has arrived. Ram will not wait anywhere, he will go to Sita , meet her and bring her  back with him, for whom he has been passing his days and nights restlessly and remembering her every moment for months together. For whom the war took place, killing many from the both sides. But, everyone was shocked to see that Ram remained cold and emotionless all the while and did not show any desire to go to her.
He took more interest in installation of Vibhishan as a king of Lanka.
After all the rituals of Vibhishan’s installations were completed, he went to Hanuman and requested him –‘O wise and eloquent Hanuman! No one else can communicate better than you. I request you to go to Sita who was captivated in Ashok- Vatika by Ravan .Tell her that the war is over and Ravan is killed. Tell her that we are doing well, how is she? And come back to me.’
Hanuman and all, who so ever heard such a formal and brief message for Sita fom Ram, was shocked. But no one spoke anything.
Hanuman left for Ashok- vatika and within no time he was there. He saw Sita sitting under a tree, sad and depressed. She was wearing the same dirty and torn sari, what she was wearing when he had come here a few weeks back. Her face was shadowed with worries and pain.
Hanuman went before her with his head down and hands folded in respect to her. When she saw Hanuman standing before her, a dim smile ran through her dry lips. She asked impatiently ‘How is shri Ram? What happened in war?’ Hanuman told her – ‘o goddess like great Sita!  War is over. Ravan is killed and now gallant Vibhishan is the king of Lanka. Ram is doing well with all. He has sent me to know about how are you?’
Hearing this, eyes of Sita filled with tears and she became wordless and kept on looking at the horizon for a while. Hanuman waited a while, watching her and asked – ‘what happened?’ Sita said ‘nothing. I was always worried for Ram. This news has given me immense pleasure that Ravan is killed and Ram is well with all. I have desired nothing other than the happiness and success of shri Ram ever.’
Hanuman assured her that she will be soon with Ram and took her permission and returned from there, heavy heartedly.
Sita kept on watching the back of returning back Hanuman with her tearful eyes and heavy heartedly.

                       ( Inspired by Valmiki)

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