Friday, March 23, 2012


MadanMohan Tarun

‘The Musalman’ is a unique production of Urdu Language, which has created  history by its unequalled  approach to publication.

This, about 85 year old daily news paper, published from Chennai, India is entirely a hand – written production.

It has not missed a day right from 1927; it started its confident  journey.

‘The Musalman’ is claimed to be the only hand –written daily news paper  published in the world.

Presently it is edited by Mr. Syed Arifullah. He took over the charge after his father died. His father ran this paper for 40 years. It was founded by his grandfather in 1927.

This paper has maintained its original look and had not compromised with the Urdu computer font.

It covers wide range of topics in its four standard news - paper - size pages.

Preparation of its every page takes about three hours.

After the news is received in English from its part time reporters, it is translated into Urdu and Katibs – writers, dedicated to the ancient art of Urdu calligraphy, pen – down the whole story on paper. After that negative copy of the entire hand –written paper is prepared and pressed on printing plates.

It has, roughly, 23000 subscribers, mostly from southern cities.

Its every copy costs 75 paise.

No one has ever quit this paper till he or she remained live.

The paper has a team of only six die- hard people who make its publication possible every day.

Readers feel a personal touch in its every line and letter.

I salute this great production of dedicated heroes.

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Saturday, March 17, 2012


MadanMohan Tarun

Mr. Anant Pai is the founder of ‘AMAR CHITRA KATHA and creator of ‘Indian Comics’. He is popularly known as ‘uncle Pai.
He was born in Kakala, Karnataka in September 1929 and died on 24th February 2011. He was brought up in Mumbai, and did his schooling in Orient School Mahim. He studied Chemistry , physics and Chemical technology at the Bombay university.
He launched the ‘Amar Chitra Katha’  series of ‘Indian comics’ in 1967’ and reached stories from  Hindu Mythology to the every corner of India and abroad. It was not enjoyed only by children but people of every age enjoyed this. Its every issue used to be pictorial festival for eyes, heart and mind. It was priced very reasonable and was affordable in comparison to other comics published from India or abroad. Chitra katha was a purposeful publication.
 He was inspired to publish Chitra-katha while once he was  watching  a quiz competition in which many Indian participants  did not know the name of mother of lord Rama, whereas, many foreigners answered these questions very comfortably. Indians knew more of Greek mythology than Indian ones. This hurt Mr. Pai and he made it a point to come out with such a publication which can present stories from Hindu mythology in such an attractive manner that kids of can enrich their knowledge in this field without any effort.  Amar Chitra Katha generated great hunger for such stories.  Apart from Mythology he published Chitra Katha on famous historical events and on heroes and great heroines of the time in progress.
Its 400 hundred titles have been translated into 20 languages and more than 100 million copies have been sold.
But, this success was not achieved so easily. He had to put tremendous effort and shed lot of sweat to reach to his desired jumping point. He worked day and night tirelessly.
The first title KRISHNA of this series was published in 1970. It could not impress people. The publisher lost over 50,000 in first two years. Mr. Pai worked without any payment for three years.. But, from fourth year it came in flow and later it created wonders...
He was loved by millions of children of our country and was addressed as ‘uncle Pai’ with great love for him.
AMAR CHITRA KATHA Comics served as a live museum of Indian Mythology for the children.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


To hell with dictatorship
MadanMohan Tarun
Dictatorship in any form should not be acceptable.
It kills your self-respect and growth of your personality in a free atmosphere.
It does not give you room to think and apply your thinking in practice.
It turns you into a slave  of irrationality .
Once I forgot to coil my ear with pious thread , known as Ygyopveeta among Hindus, especially among Brahmins, I was made to take bath with hundred buckets of water fetched from the well by myself as a punishment by my elders.(Brahmins or dwijaatiyas are supposed to coil their ear with sacred thread while attending their major or minor nature’s call)
Right from that day I never used Ygyopveeta , neither I insisted my son to do so.
Before doing so, I asked the reason of compulsion to coil year while attending nature’s call but nobody was able to give me valid  reasons.
Only order will not do, an order must carry some valid reason.
Dictatorship be  political, religious, social or traditional or in any form , should not be followed till it  carries some convincing reason or explanation.

Copyright reseved by MadanMohan Tarun

Sunday, March 11, 2012

 Satanic treatment to those who use  western clothes

MadanMohan Tarun

Some ninety teen – agers were stoned to death for wearing western fashioned clothes and keeping long hairs in Iraq.
They are  prohibited and warned to use PUNK MUSIC , developed in United States which follows ‘Emo’ cult with their distinctive dress  like wearing tight jeans, T-shirts with long or spiky hair cuts. They die their hairs black and straightened with a long fringe, brushed to one side of the face.
Killing of youths started after the interior Minister of Iraq called ‘Emo’ sub- culture as “Satanism’ in the last week.
A leaflet was circulated in Shi’ite Bayaa district of east Baghdad saying “ We strongly warn you, to all the obscene males and females, if you will not leave this filthy work within four days , the punishment of God will descend on you at the hands of Mujahideen.”
And they implemented the same by killing youths in ghostly manner and taking the number to ninety, who are stoned to death,  till last week.
They follow a cruel way of killing ‘first they throw concrete blocks at the boy’s arms, then at his legs then the final blow is to his head, and if he is not dead then, they start all over again.’
After they are killed their bodies are disposed in garbage dumpsters.
(source –Bangalore Mirror ,March 12th 2012)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Impossible we do first

MadanMohan Tarun

Impossible we do first- is a great mantra. It is packed with all spiritual powers.

At the moment we address ourselves with these vibrant words , it starts working.

Ram addressed his army men, monkeys and bears, with these words , and they created a floating bridge over the heads of roaring waves of the ocean and his huge army reached Lanka crossing it.

Ravan created a Lanka of gold till he remembered this great mantra. He lost everything when he involved himself in physical charm of Sita ,forgetting this great mantra.

This great mantra created 6,400 Km. long China wall through the toughest possible heights.

This great mantra is so powerful that it changes a monkey into Hanuman who can jump through the oceans, who can carry mountains.

Man created feathers for himself and enjoyed the heights of sky and above with the help of this mantra only.

Our flag on moon sings the same song .

Life is a dancing skill on the roaring tides , those who don’t do it , they have no right to claim their birth.

I assure you , it does wonders , just address yourself with your full conviction –

Make it a part of your daily routine and see its effect.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Few Steps of My Literary Journey
MadanMohan Tarun

Madan Mohan Tarun PhD, D.litt,
Academic, Writer, Critic , Poet, Dramatist  
 Founder Editor Abhishapta Pirhi 1968; Suneeta ; Subject Editor :Special Issue of The Administrator(vol.43 no.3)Academy Samvad (Bi Monthly)1998 to 2001.

 Books Published – 1.Santras (1968 Novel), 2.Abhishapta Pirhi Ka Chautha Sansaar (1969)- Criticsm ; 3.Madan Mohan Tarun Ki Kavitayen (1977)-Poems; 4.Swadhinottar Hindi Sahitya Aur Bharat ( Post Independence Hindi Literature and India) (1985)- crit ; 5..Tab Charuvak Bole (1991)- A Long Epic Poem ; 6.Vyavharic Prashasnic Kosh (2001)-Dictionary ; 7.Prakran Sankalan: (2001) –Case History . 8.Yah meraa Antim Yuddha Naheen - 2003(Collection of shortstories) 9.Main Jagat Kee Naval Geetaa Drishti –2004 (poems) 10. Dadhichi:Haddiyon vaale -2009 -Drama

Internet Publications- Hamein Apka Ashirwaad Nahin Chahiye (2001) -Long Poem ; Internet Publications My Poems –English Poems ; My Hindi Poems ; Dear Madan Mohan Tarun. More than 400 poems /articles/ One act plays /stories Published in National and Inter National English anthologies and Hindi Journals.
 Awards And Recognitions
1. Who’s  Who Of Indian Writers , Sahitya Akedemi -1999,
2. Rashtriya Hindi Sahsravdi Samman –2000;
3.  Eminent Personalities of India ,International Biographical Research Foundation,2002;
4. Editors’ Choice Award – International Library of Poetry ,U.S.2002  
5. Editor’ Choice Award , International Library of Poetry ,U.S. 2003,            
 6.  Lifetime Achievement Award  - United writers association of India Chennai, 2003,
7.  Certificate Of Excellence, Friendship Forum Of India-2009
8. Bharat Excellence Award , Friendship Forum Of India-2009,
9.  Rising Personalities Of India, International Penguin Publishing House ,2009

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