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RamaayaN by Valmiki -16 sugreeva Punished Ravan

RamaayaN by Valmiki – 16

MadanMohan Tarun

Sugreeva Punished Ravan

It was the previous evening of the day; the unprecedented battle was going to start. The red sky looked like huge feathers of a hungry vulture. All directions were full of inauspicious signs and cries of birds and animals. Even tree looked dead and dry.
Ram climbed on the Peak of Subail Mountain with Sugreeva and some other important monkey –commanders. Lanka was situated on the Peak of Trikut Mountain and it was fully visible from there. It was a well organized and a beautiful city with sky touching buildings. They saw Ravan sitting on the roof of his castle.  He was wearing red clothes as if soaked in blood. He was black in color like a thick and huge peace of cloud. His charming maids were fanning him from around and some of his ministers were also sitting near him. He appeared to be discussing something, enjoying tasty eatables and drinks.
Sugreeva, who was standing near Ram, could not tolerate his presence before his eyes. Suddenly he took an unbelievable jump before Ram could see him. Now he was standing very close to Ravan. Ravan was perplexed to see someone appearing from the sky and was standing before him now. Sugreeva looked at him with his burning eyes for a while and jumped on him. Ravan was wearing ten shining crowns on his heads. Sugreeva took out four of them and threw on the ground. He introduced himself as Sugreeva, a friend and servant of Ram .’O abductor of Sita, wife of shri Ram, I have come here to punish you for  your such a meanest behavior . I will inish your story by killing you. Now.’ Angry Sugreeva roared like a loin and he lifted Ravan up  on his two mighty arms and encircled him fast  several times in the air and threw him down on the ground. It all happened so fast that Ravan could not know what was happening to him for a while.  But when he realized that a huge monkey was there before him, he shivered thinking  that same monkey has  returned back who turned Lanka into ashes a week back! In the mean time Sugreeva gave him one more hard hit and Ravan almost fainted. When he came back to senses both involved in violent wrestling with each – other. Ravan realized that he is going to be killed by the, determined and extra ordinarily mighty monkey. he thought of killing him by applying mesmerism on him. Sugreeva read his mind. He gave a final hard hiton his face. Ravan  lost his sight for a while and  could not decide what to do now, in the mean moments ,Sugreeva jumped back to Ram.
All the while, till Sugreeva returned back, Ram was extremely worried for him. He was happy to see him back but he did not approve his action. He said to Sugreeva ‘I had decided to kill Ravan immediately if something had happened to you and appoint Vibhishan as the king of Lanka and kill myself by taking poison.’
Sugeeva begged his pardon with his head down and told him ‘I could not wear to see Ravan alive sitting before me . I decided to punish him for abducting Sita , your wife..He has no right to live any more now.’
Ram kept his large arms on his shoulders mildly and hugged him tightly with love and respect.

                                      ( Inspired by Valmiki)

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