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RamaayaN by Valmiki -20 Let Sita come walking to me

RamaayaN by Valmiki 20

MadanMohan Tarun

Let   Sita   come  walking to   me  

After meeting Sita in  Ashok -Vatika, Hnuman came back to Ram and requested him to go to Sita  and meet her soon. He told him that goddess – like Sita is deeply stricken with grief.’ Having heard of your victory in war, she longs to see you soon. She told me with her eyes dimmed with tears ‘I desire to see my husband soon.’ Hearing this from Hanuman, eyes of Ram filled with tears and he drew a deep audible breathe and spoke to Vibhishan casting his eyes on ground, ‘Bring Sita here after she has taken bath and adorned with cosmetics and jewels. You go to her without any delay.’
Following his words, Vibhishan left for Ashok- Vatika immediately to convey the desire of Ram to Sita.
Sita replied to Vibhishan ‘I want to see my husband immediately without taking bath.’ However, she agreed to prepare herself according to desire of Ram, on further request of Vibhishan. Vibhishan had taken some women with him who took Sita to a proper place with all facilities available there. Sita washed her hairs and took bath for the first time after she was abducted by Ravan. She was prepared by those ladies with costly robes and valuable ornaments.
She sat in the well decorated palanquin, covered with attractive colored clothes from all sides, arranged by Vibhishan for her. As the palanquin careers started, she was protected from all sides by mighty ogres. The palanquin was kept at some distance, from the place Ram was sitting.
Vibhishan went to Ram and informed him ‘Sita has arrived here.’ Ram heard this but did not response to his words for a while. He looked to be in meditative gesture. After a few moments he opened his eyes but did not show any eagerness to meet or love for Sita. He coldly spoke to Vibhishan to tell Sita to meet him.
By that time, huge number of monkeys and bears had assembled there out of curiosity to see Sita. There was no place to move comfortably. On order of Vibhishan, his soldiers started dispersing monkeys from there to make sufficient place to bring Sita in palanquin from where she was waiting to meet Ram. The action of dispersing monkeys created sky touching uproar which attracted the attention of Ram. He immediately stopped soldiers from doing so and said –‘all those who are here are my own people. They need not be moved from here.’ He looked at Vibhishan and spoke to him-‘remember, apartments, costumes or protective walls don’t constitute a veil for a women. Only her character is her shield. The appearance of women in public is not condemned in times of adversities or during selection of her husband or at a place of sacrificial performance. Now, when I am here she needs no veil while coming over here. Ram stopped for a moment and told to Vibhishan  firmly ‘ LET  SITA  COME  TO  ME  ON  HER  FOOT  ALONE.’
This ruthless attitude of Ram shocked everybody present there. Laxman, sugreeva as well as greatest among monkeys, Hanuman also did not appreciate it .They felt greatly distressed. But they remained silent marking tuff form and gestures of Ram lacking any regard for his wife Sita.
Following words of Ram, communicated by Vibhishan, Sita started walking following Vibhishan.
She was shrinking into her limbs out of modesty while she was approaching to her husband through huge rush of monkeys sitting and standing around.

                             (Inspired by Valmiki)

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