Tuesday, January 31, 2012

An exemplary fatwa from the Darool - Uloom Deoband

An Exemplary Fatwa From The Darool - Uloom Deoband

MadanMohan Tarun

Religions were invented for the betterment of society and having contact with god through the best possible positive deeds to the humanity by their followers.
The Darool – Uloom Deoband of Bangalore in India, has presented itself in an exemplary way by issuing a Fatwa of historical importance.
Finding pavements of Shivajinagar at Bangalore occupied by mostly Muslim hawkers and making movements of pedestrians difficult, at times causing accidents and deaths, a senior citizen Mr.B.S. Muneer Ahmed moved to Darool – Uloom Deoband to consider the matter and issue Fatwa against the encroachers to make life of pedestrians safe and easier.

The Darool – Uloom Deoband took his request with their open mind and issued a Fatwa saying ‘encroachment of roads and pavement is against the Quran belief.’

This is not an ordinary decision.
This should be noted on the golden pages of religions as a grand path opener decision.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

follow your mind

Follow your mind, without getting blind

MadanMohan Tarun

Having four wives, only because originator or important individual of some religion or cult had so, cannot be a part of religion. If some such person suffered from coughing, should his followers also develop the same thing in them?

Lord Krishna had more than one wife and beloveds, but his followers never followed the same as a part of their religion, neither he himself talked ever about the same in Geeta.
What Ram did with Sita, after she was brought back from Ravan, and when she was pregnant, nobody approved h this part of his action.

Making such things a part of any constitution is either a product of fear or some compromise or something else which does not add any glory to the constitutional provisions.

Freedom of expression

A world without freedom of expression and information will be nothing, but a prison

MadanMohan Tarun

Culture involves political ethos also which has been worst effected by politicians to enrich their vote banks and their personal benefits. They are taken as most doubtful people all over the world.

See, how Salman Rushdi’s ‘The Satanic Verses’ was banned and he was not allowed to participate in literary meet in Rajasthan, even his video – address was disallowed.

Definition of culture is certainly not produced from the industries of politicians. A huge number of such power lusty elements wear only washer man –washed personalities, not genuine one.

The world will be pushed centuries back If the right of freedom of thought and sharing information is barred.

We very much need a world free from all directions and ruled by high positive values which accept Sharing of views, inventions, helping in creation of a new atmosphere dedicated to the welfare of its every resident, including birds , animals , plants and trees and blooming flowers and its fragrance…

People must not tolerate such barriers of thought in any way and come out strongly against anybody playing such nasty game.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Thought : MadanMohan tarun: Dear religions ! come out of your old caves

Thought : MadanMohan tarun: Dear religions ! come out of your old caves: Dear Religions! Come Out Of Your Old Caves MadanMohan Tarun Most of our religions were born in jungles and in caves. Now they have come t...

Dear religions ! come out of your old caves

Dear Religions! Come Out Of Your Old Caves

MadanMohan Tarun

Most of our religions were born in jungles and in caves.

Now they have come to the cities and super cities where human beings have lost their identity in terms of many superficial divisions in the name of religion, faith, tribe, cult and color and so on…

Houses have turned into huge multistoried apartments .Places of worships have changed into lotus – like constructions which are open from all sides for everybody.

It is pity that some people still carry their old abandoned caves and jungles on their back and come to the cities and super cities and try their physical self in compelling manner to take them back to those caves which need to be lighted and jungles ,which need to be cleaned with the new facilities available.

Even thousands of ‘The Satanic verses' can do no harm to a faith or religion if you have tolerance for others also.

Let young generation dress up in their own way , let beauty have the pleasure of appreciating eyes, let the mind be open to the new horizons and let the legs free to chose their own ways leading to a better future and satisfying present.

What grand fathers have said is not only the ultimate truth, listen to a young school going child also, you may at times find him more appreciable.

Substantial past does not need police force to protect it .Remember, it cannot be destroyed.

Charvaak, one of the toughest philosophers in terms of traditional faith, rituals and variety of gods was never banned .What harm could he do to faiths involved? He is still read with appreciation for his frankness and openness.

Kabir is well appreciated by his countless readers of the faiths, he brutally criticized.

Remember, bombs are not going to be fruitful for longer time against the mind which has thinking capacity.

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