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RamayaN by Valmiki- 7 How a monkey can be messenger

RamayaN by Valmiki -7
 of Ram ?
MadanMohan Tarun

How a monkey can be a messenger of Ram?

Hanuman watched everything sitting hidden on the Ashoka tree. He was capable to do anything but the time did not allow him. This could have been much harmful for Sita. He decided to wait till the proper moment arrives. Sita was badly depressed after Ravan left. It was a daily affair. Her days started with this type of torture and insults. This time she decided to kill herself and finish the story for ever.
Hanuman, took it as a proper moment to disclose his identity before Sita. All devil women had gone in deep sleep after Ravan left. It was too early for them to rise as well as they were aware of the fact that Sita can go nowhere.
Hanuman slipped down from the tree and presented himself in normal form of a monkey with folded hands in respect. Sita looked at him with fear and surprise. Hanuman introduced himself as a messenger from Ram.  
Sita could not believe it. She had heard name of Ram from someone else’s mouth in Lanka for the first time. Hanuman could read what was going on in her mind. He wanted to give her the ring given by Ram to establish his identity before her, but as a messenger he wanted to be fully sure that he was standing before the same Sita, who is wife of Ram. A demon like Ravan has abducted many women forcefully, she might be one of them, but not the same Sita, and he is searching for.  Hanuman asked Sita in gentle tone and respect –‘O gentle lady, who are you among gods, demons, Nagas, Gandharvas? Who are you among eleven Gandharvas and among forty nine wind gods? To me you appear like Rohini, the foremost of lunar mansions and superior in all excellent virtues, separated from the moon and fallen on the earth from the heaven. Your several signs make me feel that you are consort of some ruler on the earth and daughter of some king.
If you are the same Sita, stolen away by Ravan from the janasthan, kindly reveal it to me.’
Sita was not convinced seeing a monkey standing before her and claiming himself as a messenger, sent by Shri Ram to her.’ It can be Ravan disguised as a monkey’ she thought. She could not believe that a monkey can leap across a vast ocean. She took Hanuman to be Ravan in this form. She turned her face and stopped talking.
Hanuman read her mind and said-‘O great lady! Ram is glorious as the sun. He is rich in calmness, graceful and sweet full of splendor. He is foremost among warriors in the world. You yourself will see the consequence of the sinful act of Ravan by whom you are taken away here after diverting shri Ram from the site of his hermitage through a demon disguised as a deer. O princes of Videh! I am a monkey named Hanuman, one of the ministers of Sugreev, King of monkeys; I have leaped across the vast ocean, following a great task to perform. I have penetrated deep into the city of Lanka. I have come to see you sent by Ram. I am not what you suppose me to be. Believe my words as I say.’
Sita questioned him further ‘tell me, how did a meeting took place between monkeys and human beings? Discuss more distinctive marks on the body of Ram and Laxman ’
Hanuman submitted full detail of what had happened with Sugreev and how Ram helped him by killing Bali.
 He said describing Ram that he is master of archery- science. He is well versed in Vedas. He has broad shoulders, mighty arms, a conch shaped neck. His voice is like deep sound of kettle-drum. He is ever stiff in three limbs-breast, wrist and fist. He walks in four different gaits- like a lion, a tiger, an elephant and a bull.
He is dark brown in his complexion.
His brother Laxman is endowed with a golden complexion.’
Hanuman showed his huge body to convince her that he is capable to cross over the ocean.
Hanuman gave Ram’s signet ring to Sita and said –‘shri Ram does not know that you are here otherwise he would have taken you back, killing Ravan and all, by now. Ram leads a restless life in your absence, but you will shortly see him here. He will destroy Ravan and his whole empire and take you back to Ayodhya.’ these great words gave deep satisfaction to Sita. Now she had no doubt in the genuineness of Hanuman, sent by her husband Ram.
Sita started shedding tears from her eyes, knowing how Ram was living in her absence.
Hanuman slipped up on the Ashoka tree finding some movement in the bodies of ogresses sleeping around Sita.

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