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RamaayaN by Valmiki -8 when wisdom failed

RamayaN by Valmiki -8
MadanMohan Tarun
When wisdom failed

After the search of Sita was completed, Hanuman thought of weighing the strength of Lankan army. But, how to do it?
There are four means of winning over an enemy according to Shastras- peaceful negotiation, offering of gift, sowing seeds of dissension and finally using strength.
He knew peaceful negotiation was not possible here; gift will not work as they are very rich; sowing seeds of dissension was not possible in a day or two.  He was left with no any other option than to use his strength. He immediately implemented it and started destroying Ashoka Garden to attract the attention of Ravan and his people. Guards of the garden tried to catch the monkey but not only they failed to do so, but many were killed by him easily. Many of them ran to Ravan and told him that a huge uncontrollable monkey was destroying Ashoka – garden badly. He has killed many guards who went to catch him. They also informed him that some of them have seen him talking with Sita.
This report inflamed Ravan with anger. He sent Kinker, either to catch him alive and bring before him or to kill the monkey.  Kinker left with a huge army. Hanuman killed them all. Then he sent mighty Jambumali, son of one of his ministers Prahasta, but Hanuman killed him also. He killed seven   sons of his ministers sent by him one by one, including seven mighty commanders of his so called unparallel army. Hanuman killed his mighty son Akshhaya kumar also, whom he had sent with great hope.
Ravan could not believe it. How a monkey can do so! Who this monkey is? How can he kill such great warriors?
Now his well known son Meghanaad, who had defeated Indra and was known as Indrajit by then, left to deal with the monkey. Meghanaad decided to catch the monkey alive, so that residents of Lanka can see him in chains and realize the strength of Lanka, which was put to doubts by the monkey.
When Indrajit saw the monkey first time, He could not believe that a monkey can be so huge, gallant and extraordinary in appearance. He realized immediately that he was not facing an ordinary creature. The great monkey dismissed all the weapons used by him which had never failed before. Finally he decided to use Brahmaastra on him. He fitted his missile on his bow and released it. The great son of God-wind saw Brahmaastra released from his bow. He thought though he is capable to dismiss this missile also, but he will not disrespect the weapon of Lord Brahma. He allowed the missile to work on him with his hands folded before it. In no time he was lying on the earth and his whole body was tightly tied up from all sides.
Meghanaad presented Hanuman before Ravan.
Hanuman could not move his eyes from Ravan. He was a huge bodied monster looked like a mountain. He was pitch black in color but his face was shining with unexplainable charm and authority. He had all auspicious marks on his body. He looked in no case any ordinary creation of the God .Had he maintained his virtues, he would have been the most powerful among all, hanuman was thinking of him.
Ravan also started thinking seeing him-‘he cannot be an ordinary monkey. Who is he? Has lord Shiva himself come here in the form of his powerful Nandi?
He waited perplexed for quite some time. His all ministers, citizens were curiously watching the monkey, having many questions in their mind.
Prahasta, one of the ministers of Ravan, asked Hanuman to introduce himself.
 ’Who are you? Are you messenger of Indra, lord of the gods? Has Vishnu sent you here? Yama, Kuber, varun, who has sent you. Your prowess is certainly not like a monkey. You would be sent back freely, if you reveal your identity correctly.’
On this question, the great son of God wind looked at Ravan and said- ‘I am not sent by Indra, Vishnu, Yama, Varun or Kuber. I am just a monkey by birth. I have destroyed the priceless garden only to see Ravan. Being a monkey, I killed those who led to kill me.’
He addressed Ravan firmly and said- ‘don’t mistake me helpless under the control of Brahmaastra. I have accepted it by my choice to honor this godly missile if I wish; I can free myself immediately with its effect. ‘
‘I am messenger of Shri Ram, whose wife Sita, Ravan has abducted from Janasthaan in his absence like an ordinary coward.’
Hanuman said further-‘I am carrying a message from your brother Sugreeva, whose elder brother Vali, whom you know well, is killed by shri Ram. You have abducted his wife Sita in his absence like cawards. Thousands of mighty monkeys, like me in strength and some more than me are searching her everywhere under his command. Lord Sugreeva has sent a message to you that you ‘send Sita back to Shri Ram, otherwise you will also be sent by the same path which was followed by Vali. O wise king! You cannot enjoy happiness by committing offence against shri Ram. Even four headed Brahma, three eyed Rudra, mighty Indra, lord of gods, is unable to stand before him in the battlefield.’
Though the firmly revealed words of Hanuman were excellently packed with great meaning and wisdom, Ravan badly provoked by them .He ordered his soldiers to kill him immediately.

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