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RamaayaN by Valmiki- 4 You have to prove your strength ,Ram

RamaayaN by Valmiki -4


MadanMohan Tarun

Hanuman introduced Ram to Sugreeva. Sugreeva wanted to know about why he was roaming around in the jungles of Kishkindha. Ram told him that he is exiled for fourteen years by his father Dashrath, the king of Ayodhya, under the conspiracy of his youngest wife Kaikeyee, mother of Bharat. He is followed by his Younger brother Laxman and wife sita. He has to live in jungles far from Ayodhya during this period. While they all three lived in a cottage in the jungle of Panchvati, Sita was abducted by RavaN forcefully one day. We both brothers were made to go out deceitfully by one of the followers of RavaN, named Mareech. Since then we have been searching Sita everywhere, but have not got any clue of her till now.
Sugreeva was deeply pained to learn his story.
He told him to help in searching Sita by all means.
Ram requested Sugreeva to tell him about himself.
Sugreeva told him that there is some similarity in their life.
Sugreeva told that he is younger brother of mighty Vaali, who rules the jungles of Kishkindha. He is well known for his extraordinary strength and ruthlessness. Thousands and thousands of mighty monkeys and apes living around this jungle and even faraway places from here cannot dare to disobey him.
He strides from the southern side of the ocean to the northern side and from the eastern side to its western end daily before sun- rise, without any fatigue. He makes huge trees leafless by shaking them from down. Apart from this he has done many wonders in his life.
Before living in the hills of Rishyamuk, I lived with him. One day when he was sleeping in his castle, a huge monster named Mayaavi, son of Maya and elder brother of Dundubhi, came to our place and started shouting and challenging him indecently from the door. His harsh and loud voice disturbed the sleep of Vaali. He came out fast. I also followed him. Seeing us together, Mayaavi realized that he had committed a mistake by coming over here and challenging Vaali. He will not be able to face us both. He took a turn and started running, out of fear. My angry brother followed him. I followed my brother. After some time, Mayaavi entered into a narrow cave to save himself. My brother told me to wait at the mouth of the cave till he was back. I waited there almost a full year. One day I saw a thick flow of blood with foam collecting near the mouth of the cave. I was happy to think that my brother has killed the monster and he will be back soon. I waited there for few more days but my brother did not return back. This made me think that he is killed. I kept a huge stone at the mouth of the cave and returned back with my tearful eyes. The news of the death of my brother filled the whole family in deep agony.
Ministers, thinking that a kingdom cannot be left without a king for longer time, asked me to sit in his throne as a king since I was the only survivor after Vaali among my brothers. I was reluctant o do so, but in order to secure the safety of the kingdom, I had to accept this responsibility.
Everything was running comfortably. But, one day, all saw Vaal back. I was greatly thrilled to see my brother back alive. I immediately told him ‘brother! It is a great satisfaction to our eyes to see you back. I was here only as a caretaker of the kingdom in your absence. This is your throne. Place your glorious self here and I shall always be in your service as earlier.’ But he did not offer his ears to my words. He was shivering with anger. His eyes were running fire on me. He smashed my crown with his hands and crushed my ornaments, I was wearing as a king with his feat and shouted ‘O cheat! You have deceived me to occupy my throne. You have no any place in my home since now onwards. You leave boundaries of my kingdom immediately and never are seen ever to me, otherwise I will kill you.’
I was aware of his ruthless nature. I knew he does not change his words ever. I was immediately ready to leave him. I called my wife, but he did not allow her to come with me and announced ‘everything belonging to you, including your wife, is my property since now onwards.’
I left his kingdom heavy heartedly.  I was not sorry to lose everything but I painted for my lovely wife every moment here. My ten dependable ministers, including wise and super mighty Hanuman, followed me. I chose to live in the hills of Rishymuk as Vaali was cursed to never to enter in this area by a rishi.’
Sugreeva looked at Ram and said ‘here I am, deprived form everything, including my loving wife.’


Story of Sugreeva pained Ram deeply. He himself was passing through such experience. Hanuman lit fire on his instruction and kept it on the ground. Ram had a round of the burning fire with its sharp flame and caught the hand of Sugreeva firmly with his hands and said ‘we are friends from this moment. I promise to kill Vaali and restore your kingdom along with your wife back to you.  This burning flame is the witness to my words which never go waste. ’
These words filled every eye with glitter of new hope and happiness.
Sugreeva told Ram with his folded hands ‘O Ram! You have come as a boat in my flooded life. Like the rising sun in the darkest possible nights of my life. I have no words to express my gratitude to your great promise for me.’


‘But killing Vaali is a difficult task ‘Sugreeva said.
He narrated some other stories confirming unparallel strength of Vaali.
‘When Dundubhi, the younger brother of Mayaavi came to know that his elder brother is killed by Vaali, he flamed with anger. He was a huge monster. He had a mountain like strong body. He challenged Vaali standing at his door. Vaali came out .He lifted his huge body with his arms and dashed it to the ground . As result his body instantly smashed and he died. Vaali lifted his dead body up with his arms and hurled it at a distance of four miles away from there.
Sugreeva showed Ram the mountain - top - like remain of his body lying at some distance from them.
He showed Ram seven gigantic Sal trees standing in a row. He said ‘Vaali pierced these huge Sal trees one after other, more than once.’


‘Such is the matchless strength Vaali has.’ He doubted ‘how Ram will kill him in the combat? ‘
Hearing such descriptions of bravery of Vaali, given by Sugreeva, Laxman laughed within himself on his ignorance of unimaginable strength of Ram.
He asked Sugreeva – ‘How can you believe that Ram can kill Vaali?’
‘I shall deem Vaali killed if Ram lifts and throws the bones of buffalo (Dundubhi) by his one foot to a length of two bows from here.’

Ram took his challenge comfortably in order to convince him that he is fully capable to carry out his words given to Sugreeva.
Ram stood. Went near the heap of remain of the monster. Lifted it playfully on his single toe and hurled it eight miles away from there. 
In spite of seeing that heap of bones vanished from there without much effort by Ram, Sugreeva was not convinced of his superiority of strength on Vaali.
He said ‘carcass, thrown by my brother was fresh and saturated with blood and flesh. Being so, it was heavier. Now it is light and mere converted into straw in comparison to its former weight which Shri Ram has thrown. Thus it is not possible to ascertain whose strength is superior even till now.’
Sugreeva put another challenge to Ram ’ If Ram   could split one of the seven trees of Sal  with his single arrow , I shall be convinced of the death of Vaali by him.’
Ram took his dreadful bow and an arrow and discharged it aiming at Sal trees with the twangs of his bow. It pierced all the seven huge trees at a time , still the force of arrow was so strong that it entered into pataal tearing  many levels of the earth.

This seized Sugreeva with great surprise. He fell down on the ground with his head touching the feat of shri Ram out of respect.
Now he had no doubt about his unparallel strength. 


Finally Vaali was killed in a dramatic way.
Ram asked Sugreeva to go to Kishkindha immediately and challenge Vaali for a combat. Ram and Laxman both proceeded to Kishkindha with him. Ram stopped near a tree where well shaped free ground was available for a combat. Ram told him that he will hide himself behind a tree when they fight with each other. He will kill Vaali from behind with his arrow during their combat. He should only try to bring Vaali at this point which was near to Rishyamuk.
Following the instruction of Ram, he entered in the boundary of Kishkindha and challenged Vaali from his door, frightfully. Vaali ran after him, hearing his challenge. Sugreeva took him to the place fixed by Ram. Both brothers started fighting with each other. Both had not only tremendous strength but also they resembled as the same.
Ram could not distinguish between the two. He decided to not to take any risk. Sugreeva, finding too much delay in action of Ram, he ran away from there to Rishyamuk as he was badly tired by now.
Ram told him the reason of not using his arrow.
Next day before sending Sugreeva to Vaali, Laxman plucked a part of Gajpushpi creeper and coiled it around his neck as a sign.
Sugreeva went again to Kishkindha and challenged Vaali.  This time Tara, the wife of Vaali, suggested him to not to go after him. Vaali looks to be fully prepared this time. There is some other strength working behind him.
But, Vaali did not stop.
They both started fighting with each –other and at a massive point Ram released his killer arrow from his well known bow from behind which finished the drama of the life of Vaali forever.
Sugreeva was celebrated as the king of Kishkindha again.
His loving wife was back to him.

Life is a tough master. It does not award any mark extra unless one prove himself worthy of it.

Even Ram had to clear some tests to prove his superiority of strength on Vaali.

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