Monday, July 23, 2012

RamaayaN by Valmiki -10,Let Ram come here ,Hanuman!

RamaayaN by Valmiki 10
MadanMohan Tarun
Let Ram come here, Hanuman!
Now Hanuman was standing before Sita after his historical performance in Lanka.
Sita was satisfied to see him unhurt, safe and sound. She felt sad to know that Hanuman was returning back from here. She requested him, with her tearful eyes to stay here at least for one more day. She was not sure of his returning back here again. She was unable to visualize the mighty army of Sugreeva with thousands and thousands of monkeys and bears crossing over the ocean. She knew only three among beings capable to cross the ocean – The Garuda, Wind –God and Hanuman, who was a new edition among them.
Wise Hanuman could read what was going on in her mind. He said- ‘O godly great lady! Don’t lose your heart. Sugreeva, the mighty ruler of monkeys will not stop any more when he comes to know about you from me.  The army of mighty monkeys under Sugreeva is capable to perform anything people know as impossible. I will carry Ram and Laxman on my back and you will find whole empire of Ravan destroyed along with him. Ravan has only a few counted days of his life.’
Hanuman stopped a while, looked at Sita and requested her to sit on his back. He will immediately take her back to shri Ram.’ Finding Sita in doubts, Hanuman continued - ‘I can carry whole Lanka with Ravan on my one palm and cross the ocean comfortably. Mother! Don’t worry; sit on my back without any hesitation, within no time you will be with Ram.’
Sita replied to Hanuman- ‘I have no doubt that you can reach me to shri Ram carrying me on your back. I know, you are capable to do anything, one can think of. But I don’t want to escape from Lanka like this. It will not add any credibility to Ram. If Ram himself comes here, kills Ravan and takes me back, I will be proud of that great moment to have enjoyed. I want Ravan killed by Ram before I leave Lanka for Ayodhya with him.’
Hanuman bowed his head before Sita ,agreed to her and assured her  of coming back soon with mighty Ram and Laxman with the undefeatable army of Sugreeva  for her rescue after destroying Lanka with the whole army of Ravan including him.
Hanuman left Lanka with her permission and took his mighty jump with tremendous speed and started flying like a feathered huge mountain above the ocean.

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