Tuesday, February 12, 2013

MY PILGRIMAGES 53 The Huge Hanuman Of Agara And Some Other Temples

My Pilgrimages 53

MadanMohan Tarun

The Huge Hanuman of Agara and some other nearby temples

This was my second visit to huge Hanuman at Agara, Bangalore on 1st Feb 2013.
Here he stands straight under the open sky elevating your soul to such a height which fills you with vibrating spiritual touch.

This is Hanuman, who took jump of the ocean from India to Lanka and crossed it with typhonic speed to search Sita, wife of Ram.

This is the Hanuman, who flew from Lanka to Kailaash, at Himalaya, to bring Sanjeevani to save Laxman, who was badly hurt by Indrajit in the war of Lanka. Hanuman brought a huge part of Himalaya to avoid any type of mistake in recognizing sanjeevani.

The huge idol of Hanuman at Agara reflects the powerful Hanuman and his extraordinary personality.

Here Hanuman faces the old temple of Shri Ram, which I missed to visit last time.

This area has four more temples, which I visited first time.

There is a small temple of goddess Durga near the huge hanuman idol.

Just at few steps ahead from here, you find an old temple of Hanuman. This is the oldest temple of Hanuman here, as I am told by the old priest Sheri Narsimha ji. He told me that he performed first puja here in 1935, when he was a young man of 25 years. Earlier other priests performed puja here.

Here Hanuman is crudely carved on a big piece of stone. His face does not reflect the same Hanuman, as presented in other temples. Here his face looks conic with two exposed sharp teeth which reflect ugrataa, ferocious.

There is a temple of lord Shiva just facing the temple of old Hanuman.

A new huge temple of Jagannath is under fast construction at the other side of huge Hanuman. The chariot shaped temple of Jaganaath covers the same height as of huge Hanuman. It is certainly going to be an achievement among temples of Bangalore.


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