Saturday, February 16, 2013

My Pilgrimages 54

MadanMohan Tarun


Temples are highly charged places with positive vibrations.
Here you get good opportunity to meet your inner-self.
Unless you are in closer contact with yourself
, you cannot feel comfortable, in spite of all the facilities of life available to you.
This is the place ,where you surrender yourself, including all your inner and outer burdens.

Here, when you pray for something, you are fully sure that you are submitting your request to the genuine authority.
We have many gods.
Every individual has his or her own god and  feels comfortable with him.
ECOHAM ,BAHUSYAAMI.  ‘I am the one , only one.’  He desired to turn into many and he turned into endless forms.

Here , at Harikiri area of Bangalore, the master of this universe sits as Sai baba.

This is Shantidham.
 A place of peace of mind and soul.

I visited this temple on 14th of March,2013.


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