Tuesday, October 2, 2012



MadanMohan Tarun

A name is a unique identity of all living or non- living things, known on this earth.

When we recall some name, it immediately reflects its shape, size and its unique look, different from others in our mind. When we say lion, it reflects a royal animal with its yellowish color and hairs on its neck; when we say parrot, it reflects a green colored bird with feathers and it also reflects, to some extent, its character or way of behavior or its peculiarity of voice.

 But remember, all loins are not Durga’s loin, all Sheshanaags are not Vishnu’s Sheshanaag, and all monkeys are not Hanumaan.

A name becomes identical with the work or achievement of an individual, when he \ she does something different from others.

When we say Hitler, it reflects a peculiar face with different type of moustache and a hardcore man of dictatorial attitude. When we say Gandhi, it reflects an image of clean shaved – headed old man in dhoti up to his knees  with a laathi in his hand , who made India free by using a army of  Satyaagrahis, without any weapon , applying non – violence against a supreme power of its time.

Even in our daily life, people become identical to their unique way of life. We start recognizing them by their dress- habits, way of talking, or some of their work or achievement different from others.

You recognize a cricket player by his sixes which brought victory to the team or the country.
Every birth needs to prove his/ her worth by their unique deeds, different from others. Unless one does so, he remains a part of crowed, not a name.

Name is earned by determination and consistency of the efforts and hard work put up for what you want to prove yourself in life as.

Remember, it is determined consistency of our attitude to the work which is registered, not only the result.

At times failures are greater than victories.

Rana Prataap, Laxmibai, Bhagat Singh, Asfakullah are not known as winners , but they are the big names of the history. Indira Gandhi appointed two Sikhs as her body-guard, knowing that her blue star operation against Sikhs may reflect adversely in them also, but she did it as a part of her attitude to life. The brave lady was finally killed by them. History registers this as a strong point of her character.

  KARMANEYVADHIKAASRASTE… (Our right is to work only), but never lose this right.

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