Friday, October 26, 2012

Life , like daily newspaper

Life, like daily newspaper 

MadanMohan Tarun 

One day god came to me and asked - '. How daily life should be like?' 
I told him without waiting even for a second - ' like a daily newspaper.' He gave a blank look at me. I told him - ' we all wait eagerly for the new issue of the newspaper, every morning. And when it comes, we forget everything and indulge in it fully, with our eyes, heart and mind. See how fresh it comes daily, full of colourful pictures reflecting people, places near and far...far away ,covering all aspects of life and around ,entertaining to serious articles, what not it has. It is complete in every respect without any excuse.
Life should also start fresh and colourful every day.
Also think it is not easy to bring out newspaper so attractive daily. It is combined effort of hundreds of people who work day and night, knowing that finally it is going to be a part of waste.

Death is a fact but life is a greater reality.

Start it colourfully fresh and attractive daily so that you don't repent for anything...

I found a sign of satisfaction on the face of god and he left.

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