Thursday, December 13, 2012

MY PILGRIMAGES 45 Jain Swetambar Temple

My pilgrimages 45

Swetambar jain Temple ,Bangalore

MadanMohan Tarun

I visited this temple on 12th December 2012.

This beautiful temple is situated in 4rth block, Jaynagar, Bangalore 11.

4th block Jaynagar is one of the busiest markets of the city which attracts huge number of people daily .This market provides things of daily uses at competitive rates.

In such a busy place, this temple is really a place of spirituality and peace.

The big complex of this well maintained temple is free from outer sound pollution.
It provides free entry to people belonging to every religion.

The statue of lord Mahavir in the main temple is not big, but it is highly attractive.

I could not get history of this temple in detail but I was told, it is not more than thirty years old.
Several important incidents of lord Mahavir is painted in a small room in a highly attractive way.

Jainism followed mainly two sects – Digambara and Swetambara.  Dig – means –directions, the sky. They wear no outer clothes but the sky itself. They live naked.

Swetambers wear white clothes. Sweta – means white, Amber – means cloth.

Swetambra give women due importance. They believe that women are able to obtain mokshha as men by tapasyaa.

Swetambar monks and nuns wear white clothes and cover their mouth part of face with a small white cloth to ensure Ahimsa by all means.

Swetambar Jains in general follow regular vegetarian life free from hinsaa of any kind and they have no restrictions in wearing any cloth of their choice.

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