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bigger Than Life :MadanMohan Tarun

Bigger Than Life

MadanMohan Tarun

Mr. Nanje Gowda of Bangalore , Rajaji Nagar, is 102 years old. He lives with his grandson Mr. Ramesh Gowda . Mrs. Rajamma, the wife of his grandson, takes full care of him. He leads a happy and healthy life. He was married with Sarsamma , when he was 21 years old and his wife was a child of eight years. He had thirteen children out of which only five survived. Presently he has thirteen great grandsons and one great – great grand daughter. He begins his day with a hot cup of coffee. Then he comes down and takes a walk before taking breakfast. Though he does not have any teeth in his mouth , he comfortably eats two chapattis or puries or dosa. He dislikes eating rice. To the surprise of everybody, he consumes three packs of ‘beedi, daily. He enjoyed drink ‘Saryi’ (Arrak) before it was banned. He never went to school. He worked with KEB as store – keeper and retired from there.

 On the midnight of August 17 , 2012, he , all at a sudden  suffered from the attack of partial paralysis on the left side and could not get up. He was immediately taken to his regular physician. Scan revealed blood accumulation in his brain which could have been fatal.  Immediate operation was needed. He was taken to Fortis Hospital. Seeing his age, doctors were not sure of success of operation and the cost was coming to above rupees one lakh. His grandson Mr. Umesh was determined to save his grandfather at any cost. ‘Let him survive even for few days,  but he will go for his operation’ he opted.

Finally Dr Divanath Chakrabarthy , consultant neurosurgeon with his team , operated on Mr. Nanje Gowda successfully.
Dedicated service, determination and prayer of his grandson and his wife worked positively. Presently he leads a happy and healthy life. May God give him longer life

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