Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Elephant On The Mouse

The Elephant On The Mouse

Madanmohan Tarun

When Ganesha, the elephant headed son of Sihva and Parvati, started for a round of the universe on his humble mouse, as a challenge, imposed by his parents, people were sure of his defeat in comparison to his elder brother Kartikeya, who had to perform this round on his peacock.

Kartikeya had nothing to think. The speed of a peacock had no comparison with a mouse ,his brother used for riding. He was sure of his victory. He took this challenge comfortably.

Ganesha always enjoyed taking challenges. He was ocean of intellect.

Before starting for taking the round of the universe, he sat closing his eyes under a huge banyan tree. His rat sat closer to him. It could read his mind. He was a part of his soul. He was a bit worried, but knew that his master will certainly come out with some way out.

Ganesha visualized the whole universe under his closed eyes. He saw trees, mountains, fountains, rivers, ocean all as a combined product of the earth, the sky, sun, moon, clouds, days and nights and all visible and invisible elements of this creation which makes this universe as a whole. And presently they all reflected within him with their full details. This was the brahmand in pind.

A brilliant question flashed in his mind. Whose product is he? Of his parents. They are his creators. They are his brahmand.

This solved his problem. He ran his palm on the back his mouse with affection. The mouse realized the meaning of his touch. He was ready to carry his master on some unique journey. Ganesha told something in the ear of his mouse and sat on him. He went near his parents. Folded his palms, bowed his head and started having a parikramaa, taking a round on is parents riding on his mouse. He made five parikramaas of his parents. People thought he is doing this for the good will of his parents before leaving for the round of the universe.

After some time Kartikeya arrived after completing his round of the universe, but the Ganesha was yet to start, people thought.

Shiva asked -‘what happened, Ganesha! You did not go for a round?’
‘I have already completed my round of the universe five times.’
Shiva and Parvati gave a questioning look at him.
Ganesha explained the theory of Brahmaand in pind.
Everything is complete in itself. Everything is a complete brahmaand in itself.
If the complete is taken out of the complete, only the complete remains.
He made parikramaa of his parents, his creators.  The creation moved around the creator. The creation is not different from the creation as a whole. His parents are not different from him or from the whole creation around. He moved around the pind, the unit, which is the whole brahmaand in itself.
This explanation silenced everybody.

Ganesha was the winner.

His mouse was now playing in his lap.

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