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RamaayaN by Valmiki -32 The Ultimate Journey

RamaayaN by Valmiki 32
MadanMohan Tarun
The ultimate journey: Na bhooto, Na bhavishyati

One day kaal, the death, came to meet Ram. He requested Laxman to seek his permission.
Laxman informed Ram about him. Ram asked Laxman to send him in. While meeting Ram the death told him that no one should come here while they were talking. Ram asked Laxman to ensure the same. The death told Ram that he has brought a message from Brahma for him. He has said that Ram has stayed on the earth for sufficient period of time. He has almost corrected everything and has regularized the system effectively there. Now we need him here. In case he wishes to come back, we shall be very happy.’ Ram assured death that he will take some decision soon.
In the mean time, while Ram was talking to the death, rishi Durvaasa came and asked Laxman to inform Ram that he wanted to meet him immediately. Laxman humbly told him to wait for some time .Durvaasa became angry and told him that he will curse all if he did not inform Ram without any delay.  Laxman thought it better to face the repercussion of breaking rule himself by meeting Ram than to make everybody suffer. Laxman went inside while Ram was still talking to death. Laxman informed him about the arrival of rishi Durvaasa and his desire to meet him. Knowing this, the death left immediately. Ram called Durvaasa in. After Durvaasa returned back, Laxman went to Ram and requested him to punish him with death as per his ruling. This shocked Ram badly.
Ram called a meeting of all and announced that Laxman has to leave them all forever as he has broken a ruling given by him. Nobody dared to say anything against Ram. Laxman left immediately to the bank of river Sarayu. He sat on the bank in samaadhi mudra, restrained all his senses, held his breathe and disappeared from all earthly eyes.
Ram lost his peace and felt it impossible to live without Laxman.
He sent a messenger to call Shatrughna. Shatrughna crowned his son Subaahu as king of madhura and Shatrughaati as king of vidisha and left for Ayodhya.
Ram called a meeting of all who were present in Ayodhya. He declared that he will now leave the earth for his further journey. The kingdom of Ayodhya will be cared by Bharat as the king of Ayodhya. Bharat started weeping like a child before him and did not agree to leave Ram, so was the Shatrughna.
All residents of Ayodhya declined to stay there without him. Finally Ram agreed to take them all on his ultimate journey.
He announced that Hanuman will never die. He will always be on the earth and help the needy.
He asked Vibhishan to be in Lanka forever. Jamvant, Dwivid and Mayand will live till the incarnation of Lord Krishna.
With these words, Ram stopped all his communication. He started moving towards river Sarayu.
He was followed by thousands and thousands of men and women.
He was followed by thousands and thousands of colorful birds.
He was followed by thousands and thousands of animals.
He was followed by thousands and thousands of monkeys, bears and apes who had participated in the great war of Lanka.
He was followed by great Sugreeva.
He was followed by glorious Bharat and Shatrughna, his two brothers.
They all were silent and were in very high state of mind.
Now all were moving in the water of sarayu.
The water of Saryu was increasing with their every further step.
Now only their heads were seen…
Now... now …they all submerged in to the deep water of Sarayu and disappeared…
It was now only water and water and water seen everywhere...nothing else.
The pious river Sarayu was flowing with extraordinary glitter.
The wind was blowing silently …
And the trees and mountains around were thinking why they could not follow them…

(Inspired by Valmiki)

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