Friday, March 23, 2012


MadanMohan Tarun

‘The Musalman’ is a unique production of Urdu Language, which has created  history by its unequalled  approach to publication.

This, about 85 year old daily news paper, published from Chennai, India is entirely a hand – written production.

It has not missed a day right from 1927; it started its confident  journey.

‘The Musalman’ is claimed to be the only hand –written daily news paper  published in the world.

Presently it is edited by Mr. Syed Arifullah. He took over the charge after his father died. His father ran this paper for 40 years. It was founded by his grandfather in 1927.

This paper has maintained its original look and had not compromised with the Urdu computer font.

It covers wide range of topics in its four standard news - paper - size pages.

Preparation of its every page takes about three hours.

After the news is received in English from its part time reporters, it is translated into Urdu and Katibs – writers, dedicated to the ancient art of Urdu calligraphy, pen – down the whole story on paper. After that negative copy of the entire hand –written paper is prepared and pressed on printing plates.

It has, roughly, 23000 subscribers, mostly from southern cities.

Its every copy costs 75 paise.

No one has ever quit this paper till he or she remained live.

The paper has a team of only six die- hard people who make its publication possible every day.

Readers feel a personal touch in its every line and letter.

I salute this great production of dedicated heroes.

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