Tuesday, March 13, 2012


To hell with dictatorship
MadanMohan Tarun
Dictatorship in any form should not be acceptable.
It kills your self-respect and growth of your personality in a free atmosphere.
It does not give you room to think and apply your thinking in practice.
It turns you into a slave  of irrationality .
Once I forgot to coil my ear with pious thread , known as Ygyopveeta among Hindus, especially among Brahmins, I was made to take bath with hundred buckets of water fetched from the well by myself as a punishment by my elders.(Brahmins or dwijaatiyas are supposed to coil their ear with sacred thread while attending their major or minor nature’s call)
Right from that day I never used Ygyopveeta , neither I insisted my son to do so.
Before doing so, I asked the reason of compulsion to coil year while attending nature’s call but nobody was able to give me valid  reasons.
Only order will not do, an order must carry some valid reason.
Dictatorship be  political, religious, social or traditional or in any form , should not be followed till it  carries some convincing reason or explanation.

Copyright reseved by MadanMohan Tarun

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