Thursday, February 2, 2012

Forces against novel ideas

MadanMohan Tarun

We are the  biggest democracy of the world still we are not in position to protect the voices of freedom of expression of our people. No religion or anything has any right to close the windows and paths of new discoveries either in the field of new ideas or new inventions. Example of what happened with Salman Rushdie and  recently with Taslima Nasrin , certainly does not approve our official attitude.
 After all religions also need fresh breeze to keep themselves fit to tackle with new tasks in view of a changing world and its people. Remember , nothing is final. Everything has got to pass through the process of evolution.

This is the time when closed eyes need to be opened widely .

Our acceptability for novelty needs always further maturity.

No institution in the world has any right to organize murderous games against the flow of new ideas.
If you don’t agree with some idea , come out with another idea to counter it .
You cannot impose hundreds of years old rules , applying physical forces  upon the huge human race of today which has strong feathers to fly and wider vision to apply in search of new dimensions , new sky.

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