Tuesday, February 21, 2012

congratulations ! You are free from kitchenBlogThis!

Congratulations ! you are free from KITCHEN

MadanMohan Tarun

Dawoodi Bohras of Rajkot, Gujarat , India, deserve strong applaud for making their women free from kitchen. Instead of having personal kitchen in each family , they have gone for ‘Community Kitchen’. Each family contributes a fixed and reasonable amount for a month and collect their food from the community kitchen. They are fully satisfied with this arrangement and say they get sufficient healthy food for two meals out of their contribution.

Some rich families contribute extra money to the community so that poor families can also be helped.

Ladies , free from over loaded and suffocating duties of their kitchen can utilize their time in adding earnings to their families by starting some small business or in social welfare jobs. This will not only give them satisfaction but improve their personality also.

Dr.syedana Muhammed Burhanuddin deserves all appreciation ,who generated this idea four years back in Mumbai.

This system deserves to be followed by every family of our country to provide women new dimensions of life.


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