Tuesday, January 31, 2012

An exemplary fatwa from the Darool - Uloom Deoband

An Exemplary Fatwa From The Darool - Uloom Deoband

MadanMohan Tarun

Religions were invented for the betterment of society and having contact with god through the best possible positive deeds to the humanity by their followers.
The Darool – Uloom Deoband of Bangalore in India, has presented itself in an exemplary way by issuing a Fatwa of historical importance.
Finding pavements of Shivajinagar at Bangalore occupied by mostly Muslim hawkers and making movements of pedestrians difficult, at times causing accidents and deaths, a senior citizen Mr.B.S. Muneer Ahmed moved to Darool – Uloom Deoband to consider the matter and issue Fatwa against the encroachers to make life of pedestrians safe and easier.

The Darool – Uloom Deoband took his request with their open mind and issued a Fatwa saying ‘encroachment of roads and pavement is against the Quran belief.’

This is not an ordinary decision.
This should be noted on the golden pages of religions as a grand path opener decision.

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