Saturday, June 29, 2013


This journey Will Never Stop

MadanMohan Tarun

In spite of mahaataandava of angry nature which left nothing intact in kedarnath , it could not harm the temple. It stands intact and untouched with lord Shiva and his Nandi around the total destruction. This will strengthen the faith and asthaa of people.

The visit to this temple will catch more and more speed in
 future and this mountain will enjoy louder voices of HAR...HAR… MAHAADEV from many more mouths of pilgrims.

Human race cannot be defeated ever by creating even thousand times bigger Himalayan tsunami.

History of human race knows and remembers better that it has  been  on its nonstop  journey from centuries to centuries under much more challenges we have faced a few days back in Kedarnath [from 16th june 2013]. This glacier has melted many a times living nothing other than the ice around and the temple itself has remained hidden for more than four hundred years under the ice with the lord ,but it was never damaged as the temple is goddess nature itself which works under the command of the lord who sits here.

His devotees who were taken as to have lost their lives have come out tearing the heavy layers of ice and have created their path to move ahead again and again.

Those who die here, never ever die. They become gaNs of the lord , much more closer to him. They go to the other side of the visible world and come back from the other door with heavenly glow. And the journey continues and the bell of the lord’s temple rings with louder sound assuring everybody that lord was always there, he is always there. And he will always be there take care of his people.

and his devotees continue their journey tirelessly ….

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