Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A war fought with spiritual weapon

A war fought with spiritual weapon

MadanMohan Tarun

27th August 2011

This is an extraordinary moment of victory on a war using the Gandhian weapon of non violence in a world where nothing changes without any bloodshed.

This type of movement cannot be conducted by everybody; it needs a spotless character, packed with the power of inner soul, dedicated to others welfare.

If Anna ji had not conducted this type of movement , people would not have been able to visualize the independence movement of Gandhi ji , against the most powerful British rule, using unusual weapon of non violence and most ordinary soldiers ,who were poor, hungry ,weak ,weaponless and untrained in a world which was still facing threats of bloody wars.

In the movement of Anna Hazare, police used not even a stick to control an extra ordinary gathering of lacks and lacks of people gathered from every part of India in an open field to support their extra ordinary leader. This is certainly going to make a history. In last more than sixty years I don’t remember anything equal to it. Delhi police and its grand leadership need a loud applause.

Equally, the people who joined this movement in hugest possible number, have written a special page of self discipline. Anna Hazare generated the power of his own personality in his followers and they all felt an Anna in themselves.

Movement of Anna Hazare has exposed those, who had overpowered the genuine rights of people

Who cheated this country for quite some time by wearing neat and clean clothes and words stolen from

the golden days of our history. Many of such people have lost their faces forever.

Our Prime Minister and a few members of his government will be remembered for their wise and timely action to save a soul which is really very precious.

Anna Hazare has awakened whole India and has generated new energy in them to stand firmly before those, who had turned into looters mistaking their lords as insignificant beings.

This victory is going to inspire many countries of the world to wait and think against the way and means they are applying to achieve their goals.

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