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Vaidya ShiromaNi shrimaan GANGAADHAR JI MISHRA

Vaidya ShiromaNi shrimaan GANGAADHAR JI MISHRA

MadanMohan Tarun

On this day of Dhanvantari Jayanti, it is a great pleasure to remember a great vaidya of India, Shrimaan Gangadhar ji Mishra.

He dedicated his whole life in the service of his patients.

He was born in 1923 at Saidabad, near Jehanabad in Bihar.

He started his medical practice at Jehanabad, after receiving his several degrees in Ayurveda from Patna Ayurvedic University, under the Supervision of his father Kamleshwar Misra’s younger brother Pandit shri Parmanand ji Mishra.

Parmanand Mishra ji was a great Vaidya as well as a great devotee of Maa Kali and Lord Krishna. He visited Kamrup Kamkyha every year for his tantric saadhana and spent some days in Vrindaavan every year. We have heard many stories of his rare experiences.

 Shri Gangadhar Mishra took nobody greater than him. He named his Aushdhaalay as PERMANAND AUSHDHALAY and his huge house as PERMANAND BHAVAN.

Shrimaan Gangadhar Mishra ji was worshiped as god by many in his life time. There were huge number of people to touch is feet on the way, when he started from his home for his dispensary.

He cured many patients suffering from Paralysis and had lost all hopes of life after going through all the allopathic and other treatments.

He was also known for his treatment to those ladies who had lost their hope of becoming mother in their life.

He offered food and medicine both to his poor patients.

He led a busy life.

He never returned home from his dispensary before 12 o’clock at night.

His family had standing instruction to wake him up at any odd time, if a patient comes.

Patients came to him from all the parts of India.

He was awarded by the chief minister of Bihar Shri Nitish Kumar ji for his outstanding ability and services given to his patients.

This great personality of India left this world for his heavenly abode on 12th January 2010.

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